Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tea-ing in Style at Harrod's KLCC

Did y'all know that one could actually have some food at the very cozy cafe in Harrod's KLCC? Me neither, until I saw some tweets/fb statuses about the famous Harrod's afternoon tea set. It just so happens that me and a couple of girlfriends from way back when have been meeting up for food. The modus operandi has always been that one person would pay for the eat-out, and we have been taking turns. Not much different from a structured "kutu" scheme that our moms and aunts used to indulge in. The other unspoken rule is that the place chosen has always been a little on the up-scale side, bordering gourmet, if you will. *Cheh cheh cheh - cultured lah konon*

So, aaaaanyways.... It was my turn to host and I chose to have tea in style at Harrod's with my girls. Before that, I did a little research on the place and found this very useful review on masak-masak blog. She wrote it in May 2009, so adalah terlambat sikitla kami yang baru nak pergi menerai ni kan? (Oh, she took great pictures too)

Vitals: Lot No 137, First Floor, Suria KLCC - it's opposite California Pizza Kitchen, next to Godiva.
T(+603-2166 6000)

I got word that the afternoon tea is only served up till 6pm. Also, it was also worth noting that the cafe is very intimate and there are not very many seats available. So, it really seemed like a good idea to call in for them to reserve us a place as well as keep a few sets of afternoon tea for us working mommies. (Rushing through mad #kltraffic after work, well.. we were bound to reach KLCC after 6pm, right?)
1. Entrance to Harrod's KLCC. There's the display of bags, coin boxes, pastries etc. Walk in and head to the left for your ultimate tes-ing experience.
2. My Old Grey (eh, ye ke? ke Jasmine, eh?) - everyone got the stylo little teapot with strainer and such
3. Butter - salted and also the sun dried tomato variety.
4. Mira showing off her scone. Mine had jam and clotted cheese on it.
5. The whole set - 3 types of sandwiches, fruit tartlets, some choc bites and 2 pieces of scones. (each)

Each Harrod's Afternoon Tea set is priced at RM60. We took a set each, which in retrospect I think is a little membazir. For a party of four, I really think two sets and two additional orders of pot of tea(at RM20 each) would be more than sufficient.

Let me just tell you, the experience is awesome. Syok jugak borak-borak over tea ni. So English. So wannabe. hihihihihihi. The ambience is just so perfect for chit -chats, really. Seems that the clientele do not leave. Chit-chat.Chit-chat. Sip tea. Chit-chat. Chit-chat. More tea, anyone? One lump or two? (Ke kitorang je camtu?) hihihihihihihihi We were truly enjoying ourselves tremendously, living the lifelah, kata orang. That was until we saw what the table next to us was having.... We decided that we just had to order dinner right there and then. :)

Here's what we ordered:
1. My soup of the day - pumpkin soup. Comel that little cream dollop in the middle, kan?
2.Lobster Thermidor for the craving mommy, Mira.
3. Salted Beef Sandwich
4. Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding

Lemme get the prices out first and foremost:
  • Soup of the Day RM20
  • Lobster Thermidor RM100
  • Salted Beef Sandwich RM38
  • Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding RM50
Everything was shared amongst us. So we had the order in the middle and the waiter set up empty plates for everyone. There were four of us ladies and we only ordered 3 entrees. Which was more than enough, I thought. OK, side note here; the lobster - so not the place to have one. It wasn't fresh live lobster to begin with. But since we had a craving pregnant woman amongst us, we ordered it anyhow. Fortunately, the food were generally good tasting. I especially liked the Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding. Sedaaaapppp!!! Mixed reviews on the Salted Beef Sandwich. I liked it (but not screaming like, kinda like); but Shan thought it was just OK.

BTW, the mineral water? Ty Nant Sparkling /Still is priced at RM15 per bottle. I really liked the place. Nice corner of the Earth to lose yourself with your companion / girlfriend to sit and talk and talk and talk. One should really try it. I, for one would highly recommend it! :)

-dillz blogging out-


toughcookie said...

owh i especially love their desert! sedap sangat.

and i like their standard of service. tip top.

ermmm you minum tea ada tak angkat pinky finger while sipping tea hehe...

kucingorengemok said...

eh best lah idea "kutu makan²" ni! :)

dillazag said...

Well of course my dear. Pinky mesti naik punya. Hihihihihi

We are one with loads of wonderful ideas. Hihihihihi

Anonymous said...

I love their scones. so yummeh!

dillazag said...

Oh, so do I... :)