Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sisters in Cyberspace

It's already 2.30am. I have been tossing in bed while my three kids are already sound asleep. It's nice to be children. Not much to worry about, just what games to play today, eat when you're hungry, go to the loo if you need to do the number one or the number two. Sometimes, maybe worry about homework or exams. Not too often, though.

But this morning, I had someone specific in my mind. Her name is Azura Hani Ahmad or more fondly known as Zoorek back in my high school years. I was made aware Zoorek's illness a few months back. News and updates travelled quickly in this Information Age - mainly on facebook, twitter, blogs and BBM. She was diagnosed with leukimia and had undergone the first round of chemo with such strength.

A few days back, I was informed of a solat hajat for her on twitter. Informant was noneother than @idlan who was physically in the land of the original Fish and Chips. Zoorek's condition is deteriorating.

In facebook today, it was Ryzah's mobile upload that really caught my attention. It was a snapshot of Norzu's column in NST -From KL to Cape Town that was published yesterday.
@idlan with her trademark kerut

The caption of the picture read:

My first thought when I saw this page on NST today was "mak aii, besornya muka Idlan in Nor's column hari ni"..

But I was reduced to silent tears by the time I finished reading the column for it mentioned Zoorek (our schoolmate) who's fighting for her life in UMMC now and Mike (also a schoolmate) who passed away of cancer last year. Just like Nor, I too didn't manage to see Mike before she left us for eternity.. I hope I will be able to make my way to UMMC this week to visit Zoorek.

Good luck Nor for your second leg of adventure and Al-Fatihah to allahyarhamah Mike, Anor, Pet and Noni (our batchmates who have left us).

(Norzu also blogs about her 5month adventure on My Lost Year: From KL to Cape Town ) Read Idlan's post on Zoorek - I think I thank .

Apart from that, facebook is also providing us the platform in the form of status updates from Srikandis who have visited Zoorek. On Friday, for instance:

Zasya Evilblue : latest update on kak zooreq (as of my visit tghari tadi): her bp ok, temp 37.5, wbc 0.7 (still low), urine dah yellow-brownish, lungs are deteroriating coz of infections altho bleeding dah takda (but this is very bad), ventilator and oxygen on 100% (high setting - she's 100% depending on machine since her lungs are weak, n oxygen level kept dropping since last nite). she's not doing good. :( keep praying ya sisters

Marisa Ahmat : Update on Zoorek as per my visit 7pm: her lungs deteriorating, the antibiotics yet to function but ptg td the docs changed her ventilator to a stronger one to help her lungs pump at an optimum level. other than that she's still the same. but today, my heart broke once again becoz the sight of her labored breathing (...due to the new ventilator) was too devastating. :((

It really made me think about how trivial my problems and issues really are. On one hand, we have a strong 33 year old girl whom I have known since she was 13 years old, fighting for her life. On the other, me stressing about exams and my weight and all other things that wouldn't even matter when I permanently leave this world. How about what I'll be leaving my kids? Do I have enough amalan to answer the questions of Mungkar and Nangkir when I am alone, in my dark grave 6 feet down under?

Life really is temporary. Everybody goes. There's no exception to the rule. It's really how you prepare yourself for the afterlife and the balancing between living for today and beyond. But when bombarded with information of someone so young, so close, so real is actually fighting for her life - it just struck a nerve , I guess. Technology also make you feel so close to the scene - with almost real time update on what is really happening.

I really need to make my way to UMMC tomorrow. According to Zasya, Zoorek is in ICU, Level 3 Menara Utama. In the meantime, dearest sisters in cyberspace, please keep Zoorek in your prayers.

-dillz blogging out-


jelita78 said...

oh this is so sad..
i don't know any of these people but your post really made me cry..
i doakan her recovery..

ms ngantuk said...

sedih i baca ni.. kdg ppl lupa apa yg we have is temporary... may she get well. may we all have good health n get to see our kids grow up.

dillazag said...

thanks so much dear. all well wishes and doa are very much welcomed.

dillazag said...

ms ngantuk,
agreed babe. Amiin to your doa.

KS said...


i pon baru terima berita pasal
officemate i yg tgh critical in ICU. The moment i tahu pasal tu, i terus teringat pasal her 3 y.o son. Sedeh.

Harap2 semuanya akan baik2.

dillazag said...

OMG. Bad news all around. I also have another friend yang baru masuk ICU. Life is soo fragile, kan?