Friday, May 14, 2010

So I Think I Can Dance?

My elder sister, @ziezizag BBM-ed me this morning, the verbatim conversation is as follows:

@ziezizag: Dilz
@dillazag: Yes
@ziezizag: Nak join parent dance grp for teachers day?
@dillazag: Ha?? Aku bukan reti menari wei. Hahahaha
@ziezizag: Nak tak
@dillazag: Tak pe lah
@ziezizag: Asal gedik n ingat step
@dillazag: Thank you for the offer
@ziezizag: Bila lagi. I ngan fiza dah confirm
@dillazag: U and fiza mmg la sessuai!
@ziezizag: Nora aili karen lin. Jom la
@dillazag: Can't commit
@ziezizag:Kd will be so proud of u (Editor's note: Ayat killer ni. Mana boleh masuk nama anak guwe wei. Meruntun lah hati ibu)
@dillazag: As is I hv too much on my plate. How many u guys need?
@ziezizag: 12
@dillazag: Mak aih
@ziezizag: They know we working. So I guess shd b ok. 2 class with becky (Editor's note: Becky of Soul Krazy in Showdown2010. She rocks.) Pastu w fiza. Hahahaha
@dillazag: Tanya la melur
@ziezizag: 2 jun 10am. Practise 2 sundays. with becky. Free. Cepat confirm seat
@dillazag: OK la
@ziezizag: Yeay

Mati la guwe.

Picture from : here

-dillz blogging out-


The Momster said...

that'd be so cool!!!

toughcookie said...

powerrrr... dia tu kerja marketing ke won't accept no for an answer. tak pun, she can do MLM. sesuai sangat.

you'll have fun, i'm sure.

e W a Z a g h L o L said...

yeay!!!! go go Sissys!!! i wanna go watch puhlease~~ bukan Khadra n Teyta je.. kita proud of u too! Meem can teach u guys too!! :P Hey dontchu remember Hanna Montanah? weeee~

kenwooi said...

haha..i cant dance.. but you enjoy ya! =)

Mimy Hamid said...

sis..u can...try it & prove it...lawak la conversation ni...pshyco jek..haha

dillazag said...

cool la if i don't forget the steps. i know my kid would be smiling so wide. hahahahaha

my sister very persuassive one. she's an engineer by profession. (MLM kitorang semua BAN! hahahahaha)

dillazag said...

i'm sure kak long would be more than happy to arrange that. pastu video, kita play masa Zaghlol gathering. hahahahahaha
Saya siap kena ambik cuti ni wei!

i think the last time I danced was during one of those Malaysia Nite in uni days. That's a loong, loong time ago..

dillazag said...

Matik! Serious! hahahahaha
Bantai je la labu...

ms ngantuk said...

hahahaha the bbm conversation is so funny.. nampak sgt u susah nk say NO to loved ones!

dillazag said...

Tu ah. FAIL!

che' nah said...

Negative level resistance at: "How many u guys need?". :P

Don't forget to get someone to record and upload hor... :D


phewwwitttt!! kau kan can never say no to limelight hehehheh...

anyway, better warm up dulu before berdansa ya. takut nanti tersplit urat mana2 pulak ;p

Nana said...

wahhh that sounds like fun!!! hehe!! nanti ambik video hehe ;D

dillazag said...

che nah,
Dem. kenapa la aku pegi announce. Sekarang ni dah no turning back lah pulak. hahahahahaha

hahahahahaha - You know me too well. Aku suka spotlight, kan?
Insya Allah I won't forget that warming up thingy. Sementara waktu ni, I'll do one better and go to group exercise yang ala-ala berdansa kat my gym. hahaha. Nervous siut!

dillazag said...

I think my younger sister would. You can bet on it. Once in a lifetime opportunity to memalukan kakak2 dia. hahahahaha

Nana said...

hahahhaha true true .. that's what sisters are for, to embarrass each other! hahah my sisters pun kuat sakat I :D

KS said...

Dah boleh imagine dah kak dilla
menari!! Mesti update hokehh!!!

dillazag said...

There's 6 girls in our siblings. So, you can imagine, lah. hihihihihi
Nothing beat sisterly love, though. :)

Kalau tak buruk sangat saya upload lah, ok? hihihihihi

n.i. said...

hi there! i'm n.i., momster's sister :-)

our kids go to the same school but different class... :D

i read about this in the school portal... datin noura put up this call kan? good luck to u ya!

mesti bikin gembaq tau! :D

dillazag said...

Hi n.i,
I know who you are!! :) Nanti saya nampak kat sekolah saya tegur, ya? (You batch Illa, kan?)
Good luck je ke? Nak join sekali tak?

n.i. said...

hehehe... tegur tau... yup I batch Ila... kalau i nampak u pun nanti i tegur hehehe... nak join? aiyoo... perut tgh memboyot ni takkan nak berjoget atas stage hahaha...

dillazag said...

Laaa, pregnant ke? hihihihihi Congrats...
BTW, momster is your kakak or your adik? *mode busy body*

n.i. said...

ye... dah nak masuk 3rd trimester dah... hehehe... momster is my adik... hehehe... i was born in 1976, dia lahir 1978 :-) but if u think she's my kakak, u made my day lah hahahaha

dillazag said...

in her defense, i have never met her in person tau. cuma kenal thru blog aje.. :)
you have a sweet sister there. what a blessed family.