Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just a Teensy Stressed Out!

Could never had imagine how much stress this PKSR is putting onto the parents until I am actually going through it myself.

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Khadra's done with the Bahasa Melayu and Agama exams. Today is Science and Maths. I am a little worried about tomorrow's schedule. English and Arab. So, I made her an A4 size notes on the 5 topics she needs to know already last night and asked her to go over it with me on our way to school this morning. Yes. In the car. Later, I have asked Saufi to send Khadra over to my office after she's done with her papers today and over my lunch break, we'll be going through that Arab revision. So, lunchtime is more focused on trying to do the activity book.

Seems like I had to craft some way to get her revisions done. In time. Within my limitations as a working mom. Wa-emma over my lunch break sekalipun. Takut tak sempat when I come home tonight. Coz she'd be too tired to go through any hardcore memorizing already. I left her some practice questions for English that she could go over on her own. Malam karang baru I can have a look at it. Nasib baik also we've done some English over the weekend.

I need to start thinking about the other exams on Thursday too- Music and Art. Oh, I need to go get the supplies for her topeng watak kartun and maybe a trial run for tomorrow night. So, a big fat YES. I am a little stressed over here. hihihihihihi

Just am a little glad I got to talk to some of the other moms after sending her off for her second day of exams today - apparently, I am not alone. We are all losing our minds here! hahahahahahaha

So, YES. This shout out goes out to all parent(s) who has at least one child undergoing the PKSR1 exams this week. Some of might have gotten that over and done with last week (lucky you!) but some of us are actually going through it right now. Right now. Right now.

Please, please take a breather and give yourself a pat on the back. You are doing a good job so far. Just two more days till it's done. If you find yourself just losing it a teensy little bit, just remember these words. Two.More.Days. If you find yourself crying in the toilet, just let it out and then get your butt out there (again). Persevere. Keep it together , guys! Your child needs you! hihihihihi

-dillz blogging out-


kenwooi said...

dont worry, be happy =)

suhaisweet said...

nice blog layout..visit mine if free k.;D

dillazag said...

Ya lah.. Just have to go through this.. :)

thanks. come by often, why don't you? :)

ICA said...

Dilla, u are doing soo much already. Breathe. Breathe. I am sure Khadra will do fine in her examinations. She's got her brainy brains from you kan...:))

jelita78 said...

oh my gosh!
what is this all about?
seriously, i have no idea of it but i'm sure i will pass that stage too, huh?
how old is khandra, btw? and what is the pksr1?
dear, u really need to do tips on handling pksr1 later!
i think a lot of mommies can benefit through this.

dillazag said...

Tensen. Hari tu baru lepas Formatif 1. Ni dah PKSR1 lah pulak. hihihihihi
Done with her Arab revisions already. So I can peacefully go to gym after work today. :)

Khadra is in Standard One this year. PKSR1 ni is her mid-term, dear. Apparently soalan dia standardized seluruh Wilayah Persekutuan. (I think)

n.i. said...

my darling Adam refused to study.. I went thru a bit of BM on Sunday night which ended me having to raise my voice towards the end of the tutoring session sbb dia asyiklah kata tak tau... sabar ajelah...

so now memang dia tak study sbb dia tak nak study... i would just have to leave it that way sbb tak nak both of us stressed out hehehe

but last night i have made a little effort in teaching him how to do a mickey mouse mask... malam ni buat lagi kot... itupun asyik la komplen susah nak gunting... tu belum i suruh dia practice colouring the mask... he refused to use water colour so i can only imagine how the pencil colour artwork will turn out...

sabar aje lah... i tawakkal aje... bila tanya dia how did he do, his answer is very simple... "ok"... ;-)

jelita78 said...

oh my god!
my son will be standard 1 next year!!!
i'm freaking out already!!!
why on earth are they putting such pressure at an early stage? i don't remember me being like this before.. suckssss..

dillazag said...

Khadra pun bila dah malam tak nak buat apa-apa lagi. Ni baru je call I tak nak buat revision English because, "I know it already". Amboi. Amboi. Amboi... Sabarrr je la..

I baru nak pi carik kertas kaler-kaler for her mask. She might be doing Garfield kot. Why not you guna je colored paper, insteads of colouring the piece, you could tampal on it. (Crayons also cepat. Remember, he only has 1 hour to finish it) If guna crayon, ingat bawak kain takut kotor tangan and artwork.

dillazag said...

Tahun ni you chill dulu. Rileks babe, rileks.. hihihihihi

n.i. said...

dia insist nak colour pencils jugak... i mmg nak dia guna coloured papers or crayons but he refused... tgklah mcm mana... hihihihi...

tadi i tanya lagi, dia nak study for tomorrow's paper tak... his answer was 'no... everything will be easy peasy'... how?????

kyakash said...

Mommies today are different from yesterday's mommies, kan. More involved parenting approach, mind me not to say I have absent parent but seriously, I don't recall them sitting down with me on every subject or even attend the sport match. Nowadays, rasa amat guilty if we don't participate in any of the kids affair.
Go Khadra go! Ibu boleh!

jelita78 said...

this is no more "go child go"
but more of "go mommy go!!"
it's stressing me out just thinking about it!!!
dillz, make a post on "tips on how to survive pksr1" tau!
i specially request for this!

dillazag said...

Upon consultation with my kakak, we decided to do the tiup straw thing. Tak payah potong-potong. hihihihi
Nasib baik tinggal Arts and Music je kan?
Good luck for the remaining papers, Adam!

dillazag said...

Absolutely true. Semua benda saya buat sendiri je dulu, tawwww! :)~~
BTW, nota Arab saya mendapat sambutan hangat. Now I have to photocopy and distribute to interested parties. Should copyright lah. hihihihihi

dillazag said...

Yes babe. Boleh je nak buat tak tahu. Tapi kesian kat budak tu nanti rasa left out. I find that I am very hands on with her revision and preparation for PKSR1 ni.

Lepas saya survive nanti baru boleh tulis tips. hihihihihihi
Tunggu aaaaa!!! :)

HW said...

OMG. I already freaking out by reading this (and my Lil Darling is only 10-months now! Heheh) Wonder how the pressure in next 7 years. LOL!

Nway, i am your junior back in STF. Was blog walking and found you :D


i can just imagine how your nota arab looks like hehehhe... sure bercabang sana sini and colorful, just like we used to do dolu2.

btw, welcome to your first pksr :). there'll be many, many more to come hehehhe...

dillazag said...

Hi HW,
Welcome! Welcome!
Can't imagine what it'll be in 7 years, dear. So, good luck lah ya. LOL

Ya lah. Us and our mind maps from way back when. hihihihi Those were fun times, right?