Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Making My Own Moments

Had a good hour and a half worth of talk with the hubster before sleeping the other day.
I miss just talking like that.
No agenda.
Just talking and cuddling.
Sometimes I just get too caught up in living our life.
I forget to take a little breather to pause and soak it all in.

Just today I took a little time out to chase the kids one after the other around the BeanBag.
Left me breathless at the end.
But nothing beats hearing,
"This is the best day, Ibu" coming out of Khadra's mouth.


Sometimes the best things in life really are free.

-dillz blogging out-


mrika said...

aaawww ... that's precious. indeed. simple pleasures s'times are the greatest kinds. esp when our kid(s) appreciates them the most. kannnn?

dillazag said...

tu lah. we were just being silly going round and round the beanbag. they seem to really enjoy it. (tak payah bayar RM25 per head per play at kidsport)

btw, what u doing still up? oh lupa, you sleep at 4am. :)

Along said...

Ah...pillow talk. I miss that.

Kids..who says you need to buy all the f.i.s.h.e.r.p.r.i.c.e stuff to make them kids can entertain themselves for hours with an empty toilet roll. Hehee

dillazag said...

Tu lah.. Precious kan?

LOL on the toilet rolls.
I had the same kind of experience with kotak from Giant. Buat bas la. Buat entah hapa-hapa. They were like high on something! hihihihihi

azrul ahmad said...

i got teary-eyed reading this. I love you guys :)

dillazag said...

Inchik Azrul,
it's mutual, babe! :)