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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Shopping-shopping Bandung!

Apa gunanya pergi Bandung kalau tak shopping kan? hihihihihi

We went craaaazy at Pasar Baru for textiles and telekung. (Definitely NOT one for the men coz we literally spent 4 hours at Pasar Baru getting our loot!) I'll share with you my favourite outlets too. For textile, we went to Vogue Textile and Tailor at Lantai 2. It looks a little like the insides of a castle - with gold coated pillars and what not. The Sales Assistants are very friendly and helpful, don't be surprised if you are being entertained by the brother to the owner himself. Siapa nama dia, ya? Ram, rasanya. Real dashing young man (with two kids already?).

Really nice cotton fabric going at Rp25k per meter, the chiffon ones at Rp12.5K per meter, with satin lining at Rp15K per meter. Our brocade set siap 6m lace and 4m lining was only RM90. Seriously murah and mata dah jadi rambang, OK? Pilih. Pilih. Pilih. Beli. Beli. Minum air Teh Sosro kotak. Pilih. Pilih. Pilih. Beli. They take credit cards too, so don't waste your cash here! Wallawei....Suffice to say that my little family are all set for our Hari Raya stocks. hihihihihi

For telekung, go up to Lantai 3 to Toko Garuda 35 and talk to Milala. He gives the best deals - at wholesale price. I got a really nice telekung for Mimy's wedding hantaran and one for yours truly. Then a couple of those mobile, foldable, parachute-like fabric telekungs for jalan-jalan. Sangat puas hati. :)

Next are the Factory Outlets (FOs). We only went to three that are worth mentioning. I loved Grande Resort Outlet at Jalan Ir. H. Juanda. I got loads of tops, pajama pants for myself. there were some stuff for the kids too. I was truly a happy camper. The other place that was worth it for me is Rumah Mode Factory Outlet - more so on the kids' selections. My best buy would have to be the costumes I got for them - High School Musical cheerleading outfit for Khadra, Cars racing suit for Khaleeq and fairy outfit for Khaleeda. Each going at Rp139K. Oh so worth it! :) The last FO that I went in was Stamp FO where I got all the swimming towels and panties/underpants for the kids! Gumbira does not even begin to describe the euphoria inside me!

Mission completed. Saya happy!
-dillz blogging out-


Mimy Hamid said...

entry yg ditunggu...thanks a lot the telekung..sgt teruja dan mmg lawa...ur taste mmg best

dillazag said...

Sama-sama adindaku Mimy. You can count on my taste, baybeh! hihihihihihi


yeah dillz... thanks a lot for all the info and tips. will be useful when and if we decide to go to bandung.

dillazag said...

No probs, Noresh. Apa yang best tu, kita share-share la. Sharing is caring maaa... :)

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Anonymous said...

nak tanya, ada tak outlet yg jual makeup branded?

Anonymous said...

toko bravo di lantai 1 lebih murah..kemarin itu bosnya sendiri kasih aku diskon! kalau ke vogue nga enak menurut gue sih

lilyiejam said...

Buat tk sbr nk jejak kaki dsana