Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Preparing for the Show!

Told you about our upcoming Teachers' Day performance earlier . So, we finally met up for dance practice last Sunday. About 10 parents showed up for the choreography. We will be performing Dancing Queen from the Mamma Mia musical and the Wonder Girls' hit - Nobody But You! :) Two full hours flew by while you were having fun!

The other fun thing was preparing for the show - searching for the costume and the accessories. We went scouring Pavillion and Sungai Wang for the perfect short can-can skirt to be worn over our black tights. ZZ of course was entrusted to find masks and wigs for the show. Excited nya... hihihi

Here's a little sneak peek of MY wig:
Me in my Dark Purple wig

So natural, kan????

-dillz blogging out-


ohmywtf said...

didnt realize its wig! :-)

dillazag said...

looks so real right?

KS said...

Omg sesuaiii sungguh dgn baju kurung u tu!! Okes
lepas ni cari semua color then pakai gi ofis haha ;-)

jelita78 said...

tangkap kaler purple terus!
tak mengalah nampak!

dillazag said...

Kaler ni toned down sikit. Nampak macam rambut betul lah pulak. The other colours are super crazy - my sister got shocking pink! And there's electric turqoise blue as well! Mau terkejut orang opis. hahahaha

dillazag said...

Ayu, kan??