Monday, May 31, 2010


Got news that Azura Hani Ahmad a.k.a Zoorek and Norhashimah Wahid a.k.a Sheema both succumbed to their illnesses this morning. They both have passed on. As and when there is info, I shall keep the updates coming on this post.

Al-Fatihah to my two lovely sisters. Ya Allah, grant their loved ones the strength to carry on.

I was totally numb, trying to make sense of things. It was so overwhelming that I had to stop the car and park by the roadside and cry and cry and cry. What a devastating way to start the week. I shall miss them dearly.

*Update on Allahyarhamah Azura Hani Ahmad

8:55am : Jenazah akan dibawa ke rumah aunty dia di: No 48, Jalan 17/4, Petaling Jaya. Kebumi sebelum Zohor.

10:28am : Directions to her aunty's house - if u are coming from the Masjid Bulat Section 14, at the Rothmans roundabout, take the 3pm exit. Take the first second left turn and look out for Jln 17/4 on your right after Pasar Seksyen 17.Go straight on until you get to a cross-junction. No 41 is the first house on your left.

10:55am :(via sms) Azura Hani, akan dikebumikan @ Kota Damansara, Seksyen 9. 2:30 today.

: Tahlil arwah will be carried out at her aunty's house (same place) after Isya' for the first night.

9:00pm: Zoorek's mom confirmed that the 2nd night tahlil will be carried out at the surau instead of her aunty's house. The 3rd night will be done in Meor's house - 105B, Menara Jaya, Section 14, PJ (Opposite Milleneum Tower) Tahlil as usual will be after Isya'. She encouraged that we come to the one in Meor's house. :)

2nd June 2010 : Tahlil arwah malam ke 7 akan diadakan di rumah Abang Hak - No. 78, Jalan Lee Woon (Belakang Zoo Negara) The itinerary would start after Maghrib. Aunty reminded to be there a little earlier, takut sesat.

*Update on Allahyarhamah Sheema Wahid

9:05am : Jenazah akan dibawa ke: No 41, Jalan Enggang Timur 1, Taman Keramat. Kebumi estimated around 11am.

10:07am : Jenazah bertolak dari Hospital Klang pukul 11am. Burial will be a little later.

10:25am (fr sms) : Skrg arwah sheema di bilik forensik, after that dimandikan di Masjid Al-Ansar, Jln Enggang 1, Tmn Keramat, all details about arwah ada di nst, utusan n few local newspaper, all press n govt ppl ada di hospital, arwah akan dikebumikan selepas zohor atau tgh hari ni..time x confirm lg

5th June 2010 (fr sms) : Salam, Di jemput utk menghadiri Kenduri tahlil malam ke-7 for arwah Norhashimah Wahid on 060610; tomorrow nite will be held @sheema's mother house @ keramat after isyak. Please forward to other family member and friends as well.. TQ

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Larawannabe said...

Oh dear. Al-fatihah untuk kedua2 arwah. Life is so frail...

Along said...

So sorry on the lost of your dear friends..Alfatihah for both of them.

eidQ masuod said...


i kept reading all the news from far. But the last two days and today, Facebook is still banned/blocked by the Bangladesh's gov !

I knew I can get some info from your blog but was not preparing myself for this kind of news......


Anonymous said...

Al Fatihah...

D.N.A.S said...

I just read about Allahyarhamah Sheema in today's Berita Harian.
Went to visit Allahyarhamah Zooreq at around 12. Sebak rasanya.
Al Fatihah for both of them. Hope both families are strong and redha.

atreyu strange said...

It makes you think about all the people you love around you and what would you do without them. :(

My deepest condolences to both family..

jelita78 said...

hope u don't mind me asking, sheema sakit aper yer?

KS said...


u can read about sheema here:

jelita78 said...

thanks KS..
i don't know what to say..
it's really sad indeed.
may Allah gives strength to her family.

dillazag said...

You got that right, babe. Frail and so damn fragile. Thanks for the prayers. :)

Two at one go is a little too much for me to handle. But, what I feel is negligible to what their families are going through. My heart goes out to them. :(

dillazag said...

Bangladesh pun ban facebook jugak? I thought Pakistan only. Saya pun self-ban facebook for a week, so I am a little lagging on the info also. Nasib baik ada twitter and BBM, sempat jugak pergi visit dia kat ICU.

So many Srikandis turned up at her do. I am so proud. Keep her in your prayers, babe. ((((((eidq))))))

dillazag said...

Amin... :)

I just left at 12. Kalau tak sure dapat jumpa.

Saya pun do'a that the family have the strength to carry on.

dillazag said...

atreyu strange,
OMG that's so true. Kinda make you feel a little more grateful for what you already have, doesn't it?

Thanks for the wishes, my dear.

dillazag said...

I see that KS dah menjawab soalan you. (Thanks darling KS) Kalau tengok anak dia tu lagi sedih, yang. :(

The Momster said...

Innalillah dan salam takziah for the families.

dillazag said...

Thanks momster..