Friday, January 08, 2010

Road To CIA 4: Let's Try This Again

I took a week's worth of annual leave to cater for the following objectives:
1. Khadra was going into Primary 1 on Monday, 4th January 2010. I wanted to be there first hand to "send her off" and be there (in the school vicinity) should she need to cry to her Ibu or sort out her recess transactions. I allocated the first 2-3 days for this purpose.
2. My 35th birthday was on Wednesday, 6th January 2010
3. I had scheduled my CIA Part 2 examinations on 8 January 2010 at 2:15pm.

To fully prepare myself for the exam, I had drafted out an 8-day plan to finish up the reading materials and the online quizzes. Since I actually started reading the material on Friday the 1st of January. Reading up time was to be;
  • while waiting for Khadra at her new school
  • while waiting for the kids during their 2 hour mengaji sessions
  • dedicated intensive study times on Wednesday and Thursday
I was under the impression that I had ample time to fulfill the plan. :)

So, anyhoots, objective 1 went very well indeed. However, I really underestimated the time and "songel" that went with it. I was not able to focus on my studying very much. Buku nak kena wrap lah. Lencana nak kena jahit lah. Coaxing her on where to sit to eat her bekal, how to buy anything she needs from the canteen, where to wait for her ride; etc etc etc. So scrap the studying there, lah..

As for the mengaji sessions - that 2 hours seemed to zoom by as I had to slot in Maghrib prayers and dinner as well. By the time I took out the book, I only had 15 minutes left on the clock before I had to make my way back to Ustazah Yati's place. :( OK, not much progress there either.

Don't talk to me about dedicated study times, even. Wednesday was filled with beautification activities to lead to the partying that night and Thursday was spent rejuvenating and catching up on much needed sleep. So, basically, truth of the matter is, not much studying took place at all in the past week! hihihihihihi

It's fortunate that I had seen this coming a few hours before the allowable reschedule period lapsed. So, now we have to do this all over again, with a new time and date set: 22 January 2010 at 10:45am. I'd better be ready this time.. hihihihihi Kita cuba lagi sekali, ya? :)

-dillz blogging out-


KS said...

hehehe.. baru nak wish gud luck for today..

takpelah, good luck in advance ;)


ms ngantuk said...

u bukan ada bibik ke? can help wrap books, sew badges kan?

g'luck anyway!

dillazag said...

ks: makacih.. :) the real challenge is the studying hours tu. macam malasssss je.. ish ish ish...

kay: tak feel lah outsource benda2 tu. on top of sticking her name stickers on the books , we (i dgn azrul) siap tulis nama on her books.. Bibikku illiterate, maaaa..

Amy said...

Lambat lagi 22nd January tu kak. Still got time..:)

dillazag said...

lama kalau kira dari sekarang.. but macam tak de progress je.. Silap-silap reschedule sekali lagi nih..


buat a name chop for her la. i made one for zareef (just his full name) which i'm guarding it for life so that it will last till F5. so senang je, hand the chop and ink pad to him. member naik syok je chop nama sendiri kat buku hehhehe...