Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our BB is here!

After our BeanBag (BB) tryouts earlier. I placed an order of a jumbo sized BB with Adeeb. Khaleeq was the one who really wanted one to call his own. He actually cried when I passed the BB prototype to Linda for its stint in Shah Alam. :(

Anyhoots, Adeeb delivered our brand new BB to the house TODAY! I couldn't decide whether I wanted it to be masculine (for Khaleeq) or a little more feminine / girlie (for the girls), so I chose the red/brown stripey motive. Kids are going crazee with it. Jumping and melanyak-ing like nobody's business. They've asked Bibik to push the L-shaped sofa aside to give room to the BB right where it belongs. Right smack in the centre, in front of the living room TV. Karang dah penat tengok TV, tarikkkk pulak to the laptop, to watch Mr. Bean Animated online.
I guess, me and hubby would only get to give it a good try (good CLEAN try, I mean) once they are sleeping tonight. Let's make the bedtime curfew earlier then. How about 8pm, kids?

-dillz blogging out-


JueOny said...

kak dilla..

boleh bagi contact number BB coz really need one la...tq k..

p/s: u can email the info. to:-

dillazag said...

Nanti I suruh tukang buat email you direct, okay?
Adeeb!!! Where are you????
*senyum komisyen*

KS said...

so apakah verdict selepas good CLEAN try? haha ;)

dillazag said...

good CLEAN try melibatkan berpeleseran menonton AJL 24 bersama-sama. Macam macam posisi kitorang try. hihihihihihihi

Seriously, the thing is big enough for the both of us. So, verdictnya adalah Two Thumbs Up! :)


hahahha... macam2 posisi??? is it still 'clean'?

dillazag said...

Posisi BeanBaglah bukan posisi manusia iteww!!!