Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My Boring Present to Myself

I knew that I had to start taking serious care of my face. From the last detailed skin analysis (you can read them once I have published the entry *will update when it's done, promise*) that was done on my face, I am convinced that I am seriously heading to "Tua Sebelum Waktunya" in no time at all.. :( My skin is dehydrated, blotchy, uneven skin tones, I have brown spots and early signs of pigmentation, fine wrinkles are starting to show and the icing on the cake must be the break-outs that I get every so often. *gasp!*

I blame it to my almost non existent facials for the past three years, no application of sunscreen whatsoever and not to mention my laziness to apply my now defunct Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil facial set that was bought around a year ago. :(

Anyways, from my trip to Sothy's sometime back, I was recommended the following products to treat and maintain a healthier looking me (in terms of my face, lah):

Home Use Procedure

1. Normalizing milk
1. Normalizing lotion
Eye Care
1. Eye Contour Serum
Intensive care
1. [W] Serum (Day)
2. THI3 Serum
1. THI3 Cream
Sun Care
1. SPF 30

1. Normalizing milk
2. [W] Foaming Cleanser
1. Normalizing lotion
Eye Care
1. Eye Contour Serum
Intensive care
1. [W] Serum (Night)
2. GradeI Serum
1. Noctuelle Cream

Home Treatment (Twice a week)
1. Oxyliance Mask
2. Hydrating Mask
1. Gommage
2. Desquacrem

Adoiaiiiii!!! Banyaknya nak kena beli!!!!!

Anyhoots, I have decided, as boring as it may be . This is something that I have to do for myself. I am getting them (albeit bit by bit) and I promise to use them day and night. Nak muka lawa tak???

Kenalah Zero Percent interest nampaknya... Pelan-pelan bayar..

and Happy Birthday To Me!

-dillz blogging out-


the principal said...

everytime pegi buat electrolysis, minah tu suruh gi buat facial coz dia boleh nampak byk blackheads...grrrrrr

dillazag said...

K Emy,
Be strong, kanda - Tidakkan dia sahaja!!!

toughcookie said...
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toughcookie said...

happy birthday, babe.. awal nyeee birthday!! ooohh sothy's too expensive for WAHM like me. just before new year til today, i was practically stocking up on kiehl's... will update it on my blog soon...!!

dah a few months pakai sothys, you should update us as well on its efficacy ya... i tried their mask before when i bought from amazon years ago... it was really good tapi such small package.

take care, babe.

Anonymous said...

pelan-pelan bayar hehehehe

happy birthday kak!!!!

~cik ros

che' nah said...

hehehe... happy burstday beb! :)

*hidup hanya sekali... plus also, I am sure those whom were (nauzubillah) robbed of their money, will surely wish that they had splurged it out when they had the cash, kan? kan? kan?* :P

Along said...

Happy birthday cik kak!! Remember age is just a number. What say you, we make a Friday date...go for facial together2...along pun dah lamaaaaa x gentel muka ni. Berkerak!!!

Nomee said...

Happy birthday kak. Moga panjang umur, murah rezeki, happy always... hati muda selalu....Enjoy your birthday.

KS said...

happy belated besday kak dilla!!!

wahhh semoga muka glowing2 lepas nih! :)

dillazag said...

toughcookie:thanks for the wishes, babe. tu la... like potong only, orang baru celebrate end year, new year. tup-tup; i get older ALREADY. hihihihih

Actually, I really wanted to do this for myself, you know. See la.. Also, we are not getting any younger, right? 35 is old lah. Takkan nak tunggu wrinkle dah bersepah baru nak start semua ni. Too late, nanti.. :( That's my motivation, really.. For that I have cut my massages and shit. Tinggal my Strip package je lagi. hihihihihi

I forgot pulak nak take close up my fugly before pictures. But I can still share my experience lah, ok? *cheh, konon.. the facial punya experience pun tak publish lagi... hihihihihihi*

cik ros - tu lah pasal.. lain semua kena BAN!!! Bila nak jumpa ni. Ada perkara menarik nak kena tayang. Hadiah dari siDIA. ;) hahahahahahahaha

dillazag said...

che nah: thanks for the wish this year, babe. you never forget. :) ((hugs))
that of course would imply for cash transactions, baybeh! kalau tak matilah dalam hutang.. hihihihihi

along: thanks dear. nak terbalikkan the age pun i'd end up being older je. so tak berbaloi. hihihihihihi
facials pun sekarang ni i go to sothy's just till my "pre-paid" runs out. Oh well, one's gotta do what one's gotta do, right?

dillazag said...

nomee: thanks dear! :)
hati memang muda, muka je nampak tua.. ish ish ish TAK SESSSWAI! hihihihihihi

keren: thanks

KS:thanks hunny. muka glowing la. poket yang burning. hihihihihihi..

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

dillazag said...

anon1 and anon2,
thanks! :)