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Friday, January 22, 2010

Poor Baby

My poor baby is sick. He looked a little tired yesterday before going to mengaji class at Ustazah Yati's. I noticed that he was rather quiet and was trying to catch a sleep all through the one-hour journey through after work traffic to Kota Damansara. At Ustazah's place, he got off with his sister and I made my way home. (Made a deal with Azrul to pick them up later so that I get to watch American idol at 8pm)

Anyways, at the Section 16 traffic light, I got a call from Ustazah yati that Khaleeq threw up and we need to pick him up. The other kids had been sent home coz he threw up all over the tikar and it made it impossible to conduct the solat practical. :(

Kesiannya Khaleeq sakit sampai muntah-muntah. :(
Kesiannya the other kids tak dapat belajar malam semalam. :(
Kesiannya Ustazah had to deal with the muntah and had to cancel the classes. :(
Kesiannya all the moms and dads sending their kids to class yet have to bring them back before it is supposed to end or even started. :(

My apologies to the parents for menyusahkan. It was di luar jangkaan. I really thought he wasn't that sick when we dropped him off.

Right after Azrul picked them up, we went to see the doctor and he was given meds for the fever, vomitting and cough. Oh and the anti-biotics also.

Here he is waiting for the meds at the clinic.

He is resting at home today. I hope he gets well soon.

Lesson learnt last night - kalau anak tu is extra quiet and macam tak larat, tak payah la paksa pergi sekolah jugak. :( Ingat tu, Ibu!

-dillz blogging out-


Anonymous said...

kesiannyer my boy gaks la ..kalau tak sihat jeks asik nak muntah....
patutla smlm masa i hantar anak i class kol 8.00, i perasan karpet takde...pastu masa i ambik dia balik dia bagitau laks ada budak kencing masa praktis solat. :-)
ust siap bagitau ada syaitan yg ganggu sbb tu asik byk masalah jeks klas semalam....he..he..he...

Amy said...

Siannya Khaleeq..get well soon baby!

dillazag said...

Wah! Dari silent reader dah boleh jadi commenter tegar. very good progress dear. Hihihihihihi

Tu, la.. I also heard about the budak yang peed in class tu. Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga betul class semalam.. :)

Thanks dear. I hope it is sooner rather than later. Bab nak makan ubat memang liat. Siap drama apa semua... :)~

KS said...

alahaiii kesiannya khaleeq muntah2. aiman pon on mc today (given by dr. mummy) hehehe.. dia deman dan batuk2 :(

take care ya.

dillazag said...

Kurasakan ada bug going around town lah. Budak2 semua sakit left, right and centre. @.(

D.N.A.S said...

Dilla, kalau budak2 yang biasanya aktif tiba-tiba dok diam je... mesti diorang tak sihat. Dulu my son macam tu lah. Masa kecik diorang tak reti nak describe pening kepala ke, rasa mual ke.... Sedar2 je dah uweeeeek....!!!

dillazag said...

so true. i should have suspected all along. he was too darn quiet.. :(

dia ni jenis tak suka complain. tetiba je mengamuk. tetiba je dah gigit orang. tetiba je dah uwekkk!!!

so, kirakan si khaleeq ni jenis tetiba lah..

*tetiba lak*

floweRinthedesert said...

Your future menantu (cehh...hihi) pun demam, flu cough the works. :(
Get well soon Khaleeq!

dillazag said...

ala, kesiannya....
eh, we're talking about abang zidane, kan? *wink wink*