Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My *one-time* Facial at Lancome Beauty institute

Dan sebenarnya, (Eeh, ter-Yuna pulak) going to facials has not been on top of my priority list and I have been neglecting my face somewhat.

It so happened that at the time I was thinking, "Hey, must do something about my skinlah", I read a review by madam toughcookie on her own experience at this swanky place in BV2. Hmmm... Bangsar Village? My playground tuh.. So, I decided to give it a try.

I had an appointment for a skin analysis and facial at Lancome Beauty Institute on 27 October 2009. So, yes, I guess this cerita is basi already. Tapi, nak jugak cerita. Nak jugak-jugak..

Aaanyways, the first stop was a thorough skin analysis done by the therapist - it was fully computerized with various types of probes to check my hydration level, apparent "age" of my skin, elasticity, firmness, any pigmentation / brown spots, etc.

No surprises, but the verdict was: muka ku teruk sekali. It's dried on the upper dermis but underneath it is very oily -> thus the breakouts that I have been experiencing. There were also brown spots and pigmentation showing as a result of me not using any sunscreen. The only good news is on my ketuaan -> my skin is more bouncy than normal and not many fine lines are showing just yet.

What do you expect, kan? Berapa tahun tak pergi facial and my current skin care regime has been basically reduced to "Do it if you want to and leave it if you don't feel like it" due to my HHTA syndrome. (Yes, please blame it on that disease)

Don't wanna be redundant , so please read the very elaborate review by madam toughcookie on the matter.

Personally, though, I thought:
  • I liked the chair. Like a lot. Pretty cool gadget, that.
  • The extraction did not hurt that much, despite the amount of gunk I had on my face.
  • I didn't quite like the scents too much - it was too perfume-y (if you get what I mean) for my liking.
  • Overall rating was OKlah.
A few weeks later, I made an appointment kat Sothys pulak. Nantikan reviewnya pula, ya?
*ala-ala sinetron / daytime soap, ni.. baru nak climax, dia bagi "to be continued" hihihihihihihi*

-dillz blogging out-


toughcookie said...

hehe tak sangka sungguh berguna reviews ku...

ahhh... i am sure your reviews for sothys is much better since you bought berkoyan of stuff from them ;P

cepat update haa...

dillazag said...



your review membuatkan ku bergegas nak mencatikkan muka. seriously teruja nak gi buat facial after so long.. :)

so, can i blame my not-so-impulsive buying on you, now? :)~~~

Along said...

Did they subject you to any hard selling? That's what happened to me when I went for my "free" trial run at NY Skin Solutions. Siap dia kata, 3 hours of facial..which was actually 2 hours of pampering and 1 hour of hard selling. Ouch!! Sib baik tak tergoda...mahal wei!!

dillazag said...

Actually Lancome was pretty good at that. Tak de nak paksa paksa. Actually, I can add that as another point in my entry,lah. hihihihihihi

BTW, this one wasn't free pun. Though as first timers, dapat la 30% off their rack rates. :)

floweRinthedesert said...

dilla, let me know how u find sothy's. I love their products esp oxygen range, secrets and their desquacrem. Have been going there for facials too. Bloody expensive but you know how you can get addicted to something good. :)

dillazag said...

Then you wld love my review. Hihihihihihi..
I am hooked too. :)~

K. Leena said...

Finally I managed to grasp the meaning of HHTA... after a few blog posts... It's more than a disease, it's a plague..ha ha.. ;)

dillazag said...

K. Leena,
if you say so puan Doktor! :)


aahhhh... no wonder ko bersemangat beli dengan jayanya! addicted rupanya!

cepat la review. kalau aku teruja, i might want to have a facial there jugak hehhehe...

ps: jgn aku terjebak beli dgn sakan sudah :P

dillazag said...

tu la.. procrastinator first class, maiden facial tak post lagi, aku dah publish the whole range of facial set yang aku dah beli... sekarang sudah kantoi! :)~~

nanti guwe review, eh...