Monday, January 18, 2010

Anakku Masuk Sekolah Rendah

I must say I kinda underestimated the work needed to enroll my kid into Primary One. The registration was easy enough, really it was the preparation that comes with it. This was after taking into considerations that I have already bought her school uniforms and shoes sometime back in November. (Yes, I am an eager beaver, thank you very much)

Let's lay it out, why don't we?

The books - yes, text books are being provided. (Thank you, Government of Malaysia) But, you still need to buy the exercise books and activity books. We sourced the activity books and stationery from Czip Lee , Telawi Bangsar (I love that shop) but the buku rampaian-s and school badges needed to be purchased at the school book store.

Getting the stuff was one thing - no stocklah, apalah. So I had to frequent the place a few times to check off all the books in the Standard One book list. Add into the equation hours upon hours of waiting and a highly PMS-ed book shop assistant. Adalah bliss. *NOT!*

Once you've secured the book, the next stage was labeling them with 1) name sticker print-out and 2) writing her name and class and wrapping every single book. Wah! Such a production! I remember doing this last for my sisters Ewa, Ema and Kira. (maybe coz I had such beautiful handwriting! hihihihi) But, I remember hating the wrapping part. Thank god for innovation that came in the form of the ready made covers that only needed you to slot and stick! Yeay!

Next were the uniforms. I already got 2 pairs of pinafore and 2 pairs of baju kurung-s for Khadra. However, on the orientation day, we realized that the length of the pinafore was a little longer than we wanted it and made her look like she was wearing a tent. hihihihihihihi.. So, we went to get her 2 more pinafores 2 sizes smaller.

Then, there was the stitching of the school badges. This year, they came up with stich-ons as opposed to the iron-ons. So, I had to search my domestic skills deep within me from my years in STF. Thanks Puan Aminah and Puan Rosnani. Lihatlah hasilnya.

Stylo tak? Ala-ala LVlah konon... Abaikan the senget-benget. Yang penting style!!! It took me hours to get the 4 uniforms done. But, sangat puas.. I was smiling a big big smile after. :) (Oh, BTW, she will be getting her nametag soon. So, happy hours once again!)

I got her uniforms ready, her books and her school bag done. Checked the stationary list - pencil case, pencils, eraser, ruler, colour pencils. All set for school now!

The first day went on without a glitch. Yeay! The preps had really paid off. The girl was really happy coz her BFF cum cousin is in the same class. Alhamdulillah, no big dramas. She's also settling in quite well but I'll update her activities later lah.

Eeh, kesian pulak takde post pasal Khaleeq masuk kindy - kang tak puas hati pulak. Maklumlah anak nombor dua, macam saya jugak. Ni ha gambar dia on his first day this year:

Belajar rajin-rajin, ya anak-anak!

-dillz blogging out-


kucingorengemok said...

i didn't quite like school, hehe... 1st day darjah 1, mak cempak je kat gate sekolah sebab dia pun cikgu juga so tak boleh main cuti²

khadra seems fine, boleh pose² lagi :)

Anonymous said...

lah, macam one liner je for khaleeq.. sian dia.

Anyway, saya telah jahit zap on's untuk badge dan nametag anak saya sebab dia super duper comot. with the badge permanently stitched, tak boleh letak clorox. And it also meant, saya perlukan satu badge dan nametag. Yeay...

dillazag said...

On contraire - I loved school masa kecik-kecik dulu.

In fact I remember sending my elder sister to darjah satu (dia tukar sekolah mid year sbb kitorang pindah rumah) and played the witing game for her. Kakakku nangis-nangis. Kesian dia..

Masa turn saya masuk Darjah Satu , takde sapa tunggu - Ibu saya confident saya OK, kot. hihihihihihi :)

dillazag said...

Velcro!! Ya, betullah! Why didn't I think about that.

One liner, pun one liner lah. At least dapat gak satu line, kan? hihihihihihi
*Nasib baik mamat tu tak pass baca dengan lancar lagi*

azq said...

k.dilla, bila masuk the boy's uniform mau lagi pening sbb seluar sekolah defnitely kena trim, unless u can get ngam2 fit pinggang & labuh just nice kat buku lali. for the seluar biru & seluar putih (sek. agama) = ukur, potong, kelim!

tempah kat tailor lagi senang kot. berapa la upahnya utk seluar sekolah yek?

dillazag said...

hantar kat tailor untuk kelim pun boleh kot?
my sister hantar tailor untuk jahit badge sekali. hihihihihihi


babe, i made a name stamp for zareef. so this year, zareef cop segala buku dia sendiri and went cop-crazy hehehhe...

it's cheaper and economical. plus boleh simpan dari darjah 1 sampai form 5. it's easier that way.

ZaTiL said...

ooo psl stylo (mcm LV) la u jahit the badge dgn benang biru? hehehe...

for harith, i jahit the badges and 2 helai seluar panjang (jahit bg pendek sket). lagi 2 helai seluar, seluar pendek ;)

KS said...

wahhh.. rajinnyaaaa...

boleh la tiru idea kak dilla jahit gitu (tapi seriously i paling tak suka menjahit heheh)

dillazag said...

noresh: what a great idea. at least he takes ownership to do it himself, right? i think i will venture that-a-way for year 2. :)

zatil: you got it, babe. ;)

KS: ah, tahun depan, kan? good luck baybeh!