Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hard Rock Hotel, Penang : The Azrul Clan Review

Our highlight of the previous school holidays had to be our stay at the newly opened Hard Rock Hotel, Penang. About a month prior, I tried to secure an online booking through the HRH Penang's website coz we heard that the place was fully booked till April 2010. Alhamdulillah, through sheer hard work, determination and perseverance menekan dan menerai staying dates within the week as opposed to the weekends, we were able to reserve a 4 days, 3 nights tenure! Yeay!

Double yeay coz we got the Opening Promotion package where the Seaview Deluxe room was going at RM418++ . To really rock it like a rockstar, we also opted the King's Lounge Access for an additional RM120 nett. Kids and parents alike were super excited to finally go for a holiday. :)

The check-in was on a Sunday and went by rather uneventful-ly. Just that I thought that there were just way too many people there. Like seriously. I had a peek at the swimming pool area and it really felt like I was at a theme park on a holiday weekend.

Anyways, the room was of an OK size. We got ourselves a baby cot as well 'coz the king-sized bed could not accommodate 2 adults and 2 kids (plus 1 toddler) comfortably. The cot was intended for Khaleeda, but Khadra ended up sleeping in it three nights in a row! :) Really nice deco and our room gave a great view of the swimming pool, the beach and the beautiful horizon. I thought they used the space in the shower/loo area pretty cleverly too. It was a little bit cramped but there were sliding mirror doors that separated the bath and the bedroom.
Khadra said: The room is cool and I can see through the door at the toilet.
Memorabilia all over the hotel is expectedlah, of course. So, we didn't miss the chance to pose when we could. *So, typically touristy!* There were many Beatles around - mural tiles, paintings, statues, even the Logo type mega figurines! :) A special mention also for the statue of the late King of Pop sitting prettily at the entrance to the HR Cafe.
Khadra: I like the Micheal Jackson and the three pictures at the bottom the best!
The other item worth mentioning is of course the food! :) hihihihi... For the King's Club access that we paid for, we got to enter the King's Club located at Level 6 for tea, cocktails as well as all-day drinks. The best part was that we also had our breakfast there. No queue-ing up on the buffet spread and we could even order what we wanted! I was very appreciative of this perk as we have 3 very active toddlers that would just drive me craaaaazy in a chaotic condition. *Seriously* The breakfast menu was just heavenly - especially the french toast with caramelized banana and the blueberry pancakes. Khaleeda loved the scrambled organic eggs. Nak mintak nasi lemak ke, mee goreng ke, Milo ais ke, pun boleh! :)

The Pizzeria serves the thin-crusted original oven baked pizza ala Italia. When you are lucky, the chef would boast his tossing skills. The pepperoni toppings adalah besar gabak, 'yo! Sodappp!!! I would also recommend the Carbonara pasta! Creamy and yummy! We also tried the Starz Diner and the Hard Rock Cafe. Makanan adalah besar portionnya and that rib was so damn huge I felt almost like a cannibal. There were also kid's meal sets and you get to bring back the reuseable glass if you upgrade their drinks to milkshake / malt! (we already have 4) :) We did not try the Room Service though, but a Srikandi friend of mine whom I bumped into *Hi Kerol!* had a really bad experience with it that she made an appointment to see the General Manager to complain the next day. As compensation, they were given free ordered in full-meals throughout her stay! :) Best kan? hihihihihi
Khadra said: I like to eat the pizza a lot. And the hotdog. And when I was eating a hotdog, the Uncle at Lil' Rock said;"Hurry up and eat the hotdog before the hotdog eats you." hihihihihihihi

Khaleeq said: I like the pizza but they don't sell roti cay-nai!
There were definitely loads of things to do there. For the kids, there were Lil' Rock, Teens Club, and of course the pool and beachfront for some fun in the sun. For the adults, there was the Rock Spa and some night entertainment in the HRCafe and the lobby. But since we had kids and toddler in tow, no live bands for us! Lain kali lah, agaknya.. hihihihihihi (Alah, bukan luak pun...)
  • Lil' Rock
The best thing about Lil' Rock for me is the fact that we could check in the two elder kids from as early as 10am till as late as 10pm. Kids of younger ages could use the facilities, tapi tak leh ditinggalkan. (Though the hotel does offer babysitting services upon advanced bookings) Aaaanyways, that gave us some leeway on doing what we wanted for once and those times were used to hunt for a nice Nasi Kandaq place. (which turned out rather disastrously, by the way) They had the whole day planned out for the kids with activities ranging from cupcake decorations, movies, Splash time, etc etc. They also got to play with other kids who were staying at the hotel. Suffice to say Khadra adored the place and Khaleeq was just so-so about it. I guess it does depend a lot on the crowd that checks in on the day.
Khadra said: Lil' Rock is awesome and I like to make new friends like Tania and Adam. I love decorating the cupcakes and putting toppings on it.

Khaleeq said: I like to watch Kungfu Panda.
  • Fun In the Sun
The main activity throughout our stay there had to be swimming in the awesomeness that was the free-form swimming pool surrounded by white sands. Add to that the giant slides and the water playground that included the incredible carwash. :) Swimming time was once in the morning and once again in the evening. Khadra was going on all the slides (even the highest purple one) coz she is quite the water baby. Khaleeq almost drowned once down the slides coz he didn't know that it was pretty deep at one end. Thank Goodness for the efficient lifeguard on duty. After that incident, he kept close to the sides and only ventured to the deeper end with Ibu or Dad in tow. Khaleeda was practically independent seeing that she is snugly kept buoyant by her two arm floats. She so adored the slides and imitates her Kakak on the styles going down it. Yes, Superman included! :)

We also took some time to enjoy the beachfront. There were loads of activities there, ATV, pony ride, paragliding, jetski, etc but they are run by a 3rd party operator. We just took out our digging tools and tried to play with some sand. Diorang tak nak pun, saya paksa jugak-jugak sebab I already lugged it over how many hundreds of km, kan? But truthfully, I've seen better bitches beaches.
Khadra said: I like the big slide (that is the purple one). I love the carwash! I like making sandcastles but mommy won't let me swim in the sea because there were jellyfish!
Khaleeq said: I like the swimming pool but I don't like the beach. That is so bad!
Khaleeda said: Khaleeda.swim.
  • Teens Club
Then, there's also the Teen Club. Foosball, Pool, PS3, Wii (I think), PCs for surfing and also bike hire. When we went over, the attendant was playing "What's going on" by 4Non Blondes on his guitar kapok. Yes, he was that cool. We practically hogged the games area and this was where I witnessed my only boy got pi$$ed off with his Dad, shouting, "Die!Die!Die!" while playing Pro Wrestling on the PS3. hahahahahahahahahahaha Soooo funny!
Khadra said: I like to use the computer and watch youtube sometimes. And I like to let Khaleeda watch you tube and I like to play Chowder games.

Khaleeq said: I like the game coz I can beat Dad. But Daddy cheat me!
  • Rock Spa
The Rock Spa was located in a tiny bungalow by the pool. They offer a variety of services from body massages, menicure /pedicure, facials and foot reflexology. They would be offering these services in a private cabana by the beach in the near future, but while we were there, the cabanas have yet to arrive. There were also services for the little princesses - meni/pedi and chocolate facials. Best kan? Why didn't they have this when I was growing up? :) Anyhoots, I just had to try out the full body Hard Rock massage and it turned out to be quite relaxing. Azrul did the foot reflexology thingy.

Sekianlah laporan daripada keluarga kami.

-dillz blogging out-



babe, the access to king's club tu, is it for the whole duration of your stay or only for 1 day?

we may be heading there this march for a rockin' anniversary and have yet to decide whether to bring the kids or not. but looking from the amount of fun that your kids had, i think mine would love that place too :)

dillazag said...


That's the charge per day. Tapi the whole room get to use it. Berbaloi especially in the morning. Orang tak ramai dalam tu and you are practically served, hand and foot.

Staff sangat attentive, especially the abang manager, Fadhil kot nama dia. :)

Make sure you really use it lah. Datang for cocktail and tea dia sekali. Not that the spread is to shout for lah. But drinks are on the house.

Plus ada lounging area where you can read and play board games and there's a PC with internet connection there too.

The hotel is new, so it is not without faults, but I think the staff yang dah lama-lama tu really makes your stay rocking, lah! :)

Along said...

Looks like fun...but costly. Run down of what you spent, can ah? I'm trying to think of a place for our March school holidays since the Genting trip has been shifted to just a weekend.

dillazag said...

I think I got the cheap ratelah. Tak tau sekarang room rate berapa. The Deluxe Seaview was RM418++ campur King's Club Access for additional Rm120 per night comes to abt RM600/room. (with full access to minum-minum at the lounge, that is)

Rack rates dia adalah agak mahal, somewhat. But the promotional packages are quite good. Kena advance book lah dear...

We ate pretty much in the hotel and every one got something from the Rock Shop. That came down to abt RM 2.8 k for 4days , 3 nights. Not too bad lah, since tak payah fork out so much on the transport.(kitorang drove up)

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you had a rocking time! Was tempted with the promo too the last time I checked, but while I can, I think I'll skip vacations during the school hols... crowded huh?

dillazag said...

Yeah. The very. Nasib baik we went during the weekdays. It was not so bad.. :)

With *I* only in pre-school just skip a few school days and enjoy masa orang tak ramai. He only has this year before he goes to Std 1 next year, kan? hihihihi

If I am reading the hints in your blog right *a certain bun in the oven, perhaps?*, I think you should just take it easy lah, dear. Vacation ni sebenarnya hard work for the moms. hihihihihi