Sunday, January 17, 2010

Makan @ Marmalade!

Of all the things I could write, I am now writing about makan. hahaha Typical.

I found this gem of a hang out place while I was loitering around Bangsar Village II in between my massage and facial appointments. Had to get a quick bite but I was not in the mood for Delicious, or Nirwana Maju , or Madam Kwan's, or Chawan, or Devi's. The adventurous mood was kicking in and I ventured into Marmalade on the First Floor alone. :)

Place is kinda laid back and very appropriate for family with little toddlers. They even have a play space in one corner for the kids to play before the meals arrive. Great plus point for me. There's also a space by the window with cute little one-seaters. Though when I tried sitting on it, it was not that suitable to have your meals in. But for after meals, just to minum-minum is OK.

Anyways, onto a more important agenda - the food.

In my humble opinion - the collection of must trys.
1. The avocado accent salad - succulent avocado with sundried tomatoes, capsicum in a special dressing. Oh so yummy. (They also have an extensive unique salads which you could also try)
2. *I think it was* Turkey and Spinach Wrap - it felt healthy and it was yumms!!
3. The nasi goreng dish with some kurma - sedap jugak if you are not much into Western stuff.
4. Lasagne - Look at the sause ontop of it. It really felt very rich and filling. So tak larat nak habiskan if you are eating alone.
5. The cheeseburger - very juicy and very sodapp!!!

They also have kids' meals. We tried the spaghetti which were devoured by Khaleeq and Khaleeda and lil Miss Khadra had the hotdog (what else) everytime we went! hihihihihihihi

I thought the place was a great alternative makan place if you are in the BV / Telawi area. So, give it a try already!

-dillz blogging out-


Teika Kawashi said...

Hi! the lasagne is so tempting..would love to try one day!

Azlul Kalilah said...

The avocado salad is a MUST! and the oglio is yummy scrumptious too!! Whens next sissy?

dillazag said...

And it tastes great too. You should try it. Just make sure you bring a friend to share. :)

Yeah. Forgot abt the spicy oglio. Wanna meet next weekend? We are due for an update, right?

~ayoi~ said...

tak nampak pun tadi.. we were around the area too.. woot

dillazag said...

bukan hari ni lah... hari ni lepak je kat rumah.. swimming bagai lepas mengaji.

tu gambar bulan lepas daaa - entry ini adalah overdue. sowwee...