Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things You Need To Register Your Child Into Primary One

In the midst of preparation for Khadra's Primary One, I went to her school a couple of times to get her books and badges and stuff. So, I figured that I'd better kill two birds with one stone seeing that Khaleeq was already eligible to be registered for the 2011 schooling year. :)

I remembered that I needed the utility bill, copies of parents' ICs and the child's original and copy of Birth Certificate. I also remembered that the registration process was very simple and was over and done with pretty quickly.

As I got to the school office, I asked for the relevant forms. Upon setting my eyes on the checklist of required documents , I immediately went, "Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Tak bawak envelope!!!" :(

Maka U-turnlah saya and went straight to Czip Lee to get the said envelope.

So, as a reminder to myself , the things that I would need to register my child into Primary One are (Perlu ni when I register for Khaleeda pulak):
  1. Sijil Kelahiran Asal dan Satu Salinan Fotostat
  2. Salinan Bil Utiliti (Bil Air, Bil Elektrik, Bil Telefon ) atau Cukai Pintu
  3. Satu Sainan Fotostat Kad Pengalan Ibu dan Bapa / Penjaga
  4. Satu Sampul Surat Bertingkap Warna Putih 41/2 X 91/2 dan Setem RM0.50
  5. Surat Pengesahan Abang/Kakak yang Bersekolah di Sekolah yang dipohon (jika ada)
Ingat tu!!!

-dillz blogging out-


kucingorengemok said...

bil utiliti? whatever for?

mrika said...

hehe ... this will come in handy for many of us, i'm sure. thanks! tho my next will be in another 3+ years.

dillazag said...

Bil utiliti to vouch for where you are staying untuk masuk dalam sekolah di komuniti tersebut. Takla orang yang dok kat tanjung malim pergi sekolah di johor bharu, dan sebagainya. :)
sekian, terima kasih.

hey there stranger.
I really thought I knew it already since I baru register Khadra hari tu. Got so irritated to find out that I forgot the envelope tingkap itu and the 50sen setem.. :)~~

D.N.A.S said...

Masa nak register Wazif dulu, we asked a friend who's a school teacher. So, macam-macam dia ajar.

dillazag said...

ada lagi sorang belum register, kan?
nanti bolehla refer sini.. :)


you should have just bought it from the clerk. they do sell it tau for RM 1. i bought it from them coz i couldn't be bothered to go back and forth anymore.

dillazag said...

serious? saya juga telah terlupa stem 50 sen itew!!! :(