Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cik Puan Tahu Bila Kiamat?

Random conversation in the car, the other day.

Parmi (our trusted Bibik) : Cik Puan tahu bila Kiamat?
Me : Kiamat?
Parmi : Iya. Kiamat.
Me : 2012?
Parmi : Eh? Mana Cik Puan tahu?
She obviously didn't know that I HAVE watched 2012. :)

(Picture from : here)

Apparently, she has been talking to her Indonesian friends over the mobile and this has been the hot issue a.k.a. current topic for discussion.
It typically leads to ;"Kak Parmi tak mahu balik Indo?"
To which her reply would be; "Buat apa nak balik. Indonesia Tanah Allah. Di sini pun Tanah Allah juga. Biarlah mati di sini."

At least that was what she told me, lah.
Good to know. :)

-dillz blogging out-


all jazzed up said...

parmi ni.. kelakar lah... summore call you cik puan heheheh...

dillazag said...

tula.. siap talking dalam gossip mode, lagik. :)~~

Azlul Kalilah said...

Sissy, she infact posed me the same query on Sat nite and I confidently brushed her off! Hihii.. But she did looked worried and distraught!! Stop adding salt to the wound laa... Hihii..

Along said...

Heheheh...sian bibik. But at least her answer confirms a point that she regards your family as her family also.

dillazag said...

Serious? They must think it's for real, then. At the kitchen, Bibik Parmi and Bibik Tas were laughing at Bibik Sani for not knowing what Kiamat is. Comel betul lah mereka. :)

Yeah. She does think of the children as her own. Siap bagitau I, she told her friends that she wanted to be here coz,
"Anak-anak saya (refering to MY children, that is) di sini lah. Mati di sini pun tak apa". :)

ms ngantuk said...

cutelah your bibik. but seriously they all believed it is gonna end in 2012? omg! (nasib i x tgk citer tu hehehe-living in denial!)

dillazag said...

Padahal tak payah tunggu 2012 pun, bila bila kita boleh meninggal dunia, kan?
tapi, still comel, kan? :)