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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 Great News In A Day!

I was just minding my own business today when not one, but two great , wonderful news came my way. :)

News Number ONE

The lovely Liana from my office has given birth to a beautiful baby girl, who at the moment is known as Sara. She was born at 12.33pm yesterday at Pantai Medical Centre. She is still looking for a good second name , so I suggested - Sara Hana (cilok nama anak Faradzilla Roziani) or Sara Lynn (cilok nama anak Zaihasra). She is such an adorable baby, with her big big eyes and pouty lips. She kept her eyes opened and was scrutinizing the makcik-makcik yang bising datang visit dia. :)

So, congratulations dearest Liana and take a good, much deserved rest. She would be taking the services of Hanis Zalikha's aunty as the live-in confinement lady for 14 days (daily urut, masak pantang, jaga baby). So I am really waiting for her review on her services. Mana tau it might come in handy in a few years... :)

News Number TWO

This second news really come as a very very pleasant surprise.

Begini, background storynya.
Two people that I really liked from my PPP days got married to each other and I have been reading her blog for a while now. She also operates a blogshop ; ShoppingQueen78 (that is really cool, by the way) that handles orders from the US. Salah satu product that really caught my eye and yang tengah selling like hot cakes sekarang ini adalah Coach ID lanyard that comes in gold (10 left), black(2 left) and red(1 left).

Sila rujuk product tersebut di sini.

Jokingly, sebagai orang yang tak tau malu, I commented on her personal blog that I would like to get the awesome Coach lanyard as a birthday present. But, of course, I expected nothing out of it.

Tup,tup. Guess what abang poslaju got for me this morning?

So sweetlah KS and SK. I lap you two very very much lah! (Ooo, dapat hadiah baru nak sayang sayang!) hihihihihihi Still smiling like a kerang busuk. Thank you lovelies, you guys really made my day. :)

-dillz blogging out-


KS said...

ur most welcome kak! so bila mau belanja kami makan lagi? haha :P

btw, mmg tu rezeki akak. sebabnya that design mmg kami ada satu so tu yg malas nak jual. just simpan. skali when u mentioned about it dalam blog, terus teringat.. "haaa.. that star lanyard mmg seswaaaiii untuk kak dilla" coz u kan mmg star gitteww hehehe..

oh, thanks for the promo too hehe ;)

dillazag said...

boleh-boleh. saya kena rujuk dengan minister of finance je.. :)

cheh chehh.. star siap ada makna, gitew... :)

btw, masa saya tayang-tayang tadi, my friend dah interested nak beli. she shld be contacting you lah - nama dia azrin.

tula.. patut si nuffnang ni bagi la saya buat advertorial , kan? promo baeekkk punya.. hihiihihihi

thanks yang. i really, really appreciate it!

kucingorengemok said...

oooh mintak? sungguh tiada kemaluan di situ...! hehe, but i should try it bila² :)

Mimy Hamid said...

nice la...siap terjerit in my meja teruja mendapatkannya...hehehe

dillazag said...

tiada kemaluan?? ouch!
you should try it sometimes, ada hasilnya tau... :)

nice,kan???? *senyum sampai telinga*

Amy said...


dillazag said...

minggu depan kita bawak, tunjuk kat awak, kay?
Sebenarnya belakang ID lanyard tu pun birthday present jugak...

Along said...

Wooo...bestnya!! Kena selalu pandai menita la macam ni. Hahahha..anyway, happy birthday makcik!!

KS said...

Waaahhh tivoli gm? Niceeee... Smalam tadak pic tu.. Hehehe...

dillazag said...

ask and you shall receive.
that's the way to go, baybeh!

sharp eyes. how could you tell the blardy size from a cropped picture, babe. am impressed by your skill! tabik spring sikit!!

KS said...

Kak dilla, orang tua2 penah kata, hanya jauhari mengenal manikam hahahahaha :p

dillazag said...

Tepatttt sekali!!!!!

ajezack said...

beg apakah di belakang lanyard utew? macam belum pernah ku tengok.. hmm.. ;)

dillazag said...

soalan akan terjawab dalam tayangan perdana hari selasa inniy.. :)
can't wait to see you, dear!

Email: said...


ingat gak nama anak aku Sara Lynn tu..tapi kan, nama satu lagi tu Sara Hana...Hana tu nama my youngest Hana Lynn...hahaha...

dillazag said...

Nama anak ko sedap. Tu yang aku propose.. :)