Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Soccermom Chronicles - 1. Class Painting

I don't know if this is what every parent does for their Standard One kid in a government school, but a bunch of parents from Khadra's class got together to paint the classroom last Saturday. :) The agenda ran from about 9am when the first person arrived and ended at about 6.30pm when the last person left the classroom.

The classes for Tahap Satu are painted according to their Sukaneka colours. One colour for one class. (Tahap Dua baru ada the more competitive Rumah Sukan) The colour for Khadra's class is Red, but their class has been painted yellow the previous year. Anyways, we planned to paint the back wall red and the side walls dark grey this year.

The result of Phase 1?

In fact I am still in awe that we pulled it off , complete with refreshments , tau! A thermos of hot teh tarik, nasi lemak and karipap sardin. Paints had to be bought, also the other tools such as scraper, roller(s), paint tray(s), brush(es) etc. There was a lot of stuff to be done. First, we needed to scrape all sorts of stuff off the wall - posters, educational pin-ups, previous class' Bumblebee mascot and leftover of foamy double-sided tapes. Someone had to be in charge to fill in the "potholes" with some fillers and most of us was busy with undercoat.undercoat.undercoat. (It took sooo long to finish up with the undercoat. Like seriously!) Only then could our colours of choice could be painted on top of it. I was able to capture some of the work-in-progress but only for the morning session 'coz I left around noon. By then, we already started with the dark grey colour on the side walls.

Here's a peek at the moms and dad and cikgu hard at work.

The lady in the blue t-shirt is the class teacher, Puan Sue. So sweet, kan?

Menyamar buat muka gigih

This was definitely the aksi that made me cringe the whole of the next week

I have a feeling aksi di atas telah menyebabkan tenguk, leher, bahu dan upper arm saya sengal-sengal selama seminggu. Trying to reach the far corners of the four walls whilst standing on the children's desks. We had a support team to move the desks so that we didn't have to step down. hihihihihihihi Ailie started from one corner and me from another. She met me at the borderline - somewhere in the middle. :)

Nasib baik dah pergi servis kat
Thai Odyssey tadi. So I am ready for part 2 this morning! Time to tackle the bulletin boards, ladies! :)

-dillz blogging out-


floweRinthedesert said...

aikk...I noticed a familiar face. Is that Nell? Her girl Fira is in Khadra's class ke? Anyways, it looked fun!

Btw Dilla, should you be interested in some art lessons for your kids, let me know yea. I know this ex-Da V*nc* teacher who can go to the house. Kot la you interested. :)

dillazag said...

Hmm.. Actually I pun can not put name and faces just yet. hihihihi
Lemme check the class list for fira, ok? hihihihihihi

Actually, it is kinda fun. Rumah sendiri tak pernah cat - but what we'd do for our own child kan.. Kalau tak appreciate jugak2, tak tahulah I nak cakap.. :)~

btw, will kiv that DV info at the moment. hihihihi

Along said...

Wah..Dania's school just hire pakcik indon to do all the painting. But I like this idea, at least the parents can socialize and get to know wach show a great example to the kids. I wouldn't mind spending a day doing this for my kids either. Kudos to you ols!!

dillazag said...

Tu lah. It was great fun too. This week we had another project - class deco pulak. Quite interesting - you knowlah. I suka all this arty farty stuff. Nanti saya update cerita lagi.

Rasanya as far as the gotong royong, that would be our last lah. Next ada lagi project2 sukaneka lah, march past lah... :)

Spena said...

This is nice. Something different and bring people together.
By the way, please be careful when u are painting the higher parts of the wall. I painted my own apartment and the effect? I have some issues with my shoulder and spine too!!
Well, I did it alone so, that made it worst I guess!

dillazag said...

tu lah kak spain. sengal my tengkuk sampai ke tangan.. sheesh.. ni mesti sebab i hardly exercise. sekali sudah strain, ayoyo!!