Thursday, January 21, 2010

Iqra' : Aj-Juzu' Thani

This is a follow-up story to our quest to find a mengaji place for the two elder Khas. :)

Kids in their mengaji outfit:
Azrul cakap macam budak mintak sedekah - jahat tau!! I thought they looked so innocent and suci! *cheh!

Alhamdulillah, the journey has been made easier, thank you, ya Allah. Initially, I planned to send them over to Kota Damansara to attend the 7pm or 8pm session on 4 nights during the weekday. This is of course on top of the 2-hours Sunday morning sessions that we are already sending them to.

Monday through Thursday. Add to that after work hours traffic from Bangsar to Kota Damansara. Well, you could only imagine the worst! :(

True enough, traffic was a definite nightmare.

I tried the Sprint-Damansara PLUS Toll route that I have been following on Sundays. I was told by the wise Kak Ween that Sprint-Damansara PLUS Toll stretch was a real bitch on weekdays and was she right. I was stuck for what seemed like aaaages there. Just coz people can't stick to their blardy lanes and keep criss-crossing between lanes. :)~~

Kak Ween recommends the Sprint-TTDI route, then via persiaran Surian nstead. It was bearable, she said. And it was almost toll-free, except for the RM1.00 at the SPRINT toll. I tried that a few times, but got really testy at the TTDI area - wanna blame it at the current construction that's taking place near the BU area.

Ziezi recommended the Hartamas - Duta PLUS Toll way. Hartamas stretch is a little slow, but moving. So that was definitely much better.

In the end, I took the Hartamas - Penchala Link - (U-turn at One-Utama) - Persiaran Surian route. It is a little berpusing-pusing, I know, but it is anti-flow and I find that our journey is much calmer. *Big relief* The kids even took this time to catch up on a little nap.

That's the logistics sorted out. Thank you.

On top of that, Ustazah Yati had suggested that we only come in 2 nights on the weekdays, for a 2-hour session instead. She suggested one night on either a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday - where she would concentrate on Iqra' , Jawi and a little bit of Arabic. The other session is on a Thursday, where it is mainly solat practical and stories of Rasulullah and such. :) Alhamdulillah... it worked out very well for me as I have the flexibility of Monday thru Wednesday should there be the need to stay back at the office for work. Seems like I just need to be back on time on Thursdays now. Else, there's always Azrul for back-up. :) Also, since their classes are 2-hour sessions now, it gives me room for Maghrib and just about enough time to squeeze a little ME-time.

Oh, Zatil and Yoi have been sending their Harith to the same night classes too. He's the boy in red/blue t-shit and the white kopiah in the pictures above. :) Zatil was relaying to me that Khaleeq had asked the Ustazah to tell them a joke one night - right in the middle of one of her lesson. Ustazah pulak tambah this story:

Khaleeq: Excuse me Teacher.
Ustazah: Yes, Khaleeq?
Khaleeq: Could you dance?
Ustazah: ?##!??

Comel lah budak ni. I guess he's just a little bored, kot. hihihihihi..

I also captured this little clip at the end of their session - The two kids busy checking out whether their parents are already there are Liza's, Si Harris Omar and Iskandar. Khaleeq can't keep still..

Tak pe lah.. I am just happy that Khaleeq's learning as much as he could - his Iqra' is already at huruf "Sodd and Dhod" , staying put (as much as possible), practicing his Jawi and at the very least listening and following the nasyids and stuff.

Oh, lil' Miss Khadra has already started on the Iqra' 2 since last week. Yeay, Kakak! :)

-diilz blogging out-


Amy said...

LOL Khaleeq tanya Ustazah can you dance? Lawak gila weHHh. Kita anak kedua mmg cute kan? kan? :P


sib baik ustazah tak tanya balik, "so you think you can dance?" hahahhahha...

ZaTiL said...

aisehh!! gambor my son tgh menguap! tu nasib baik amik 1hr session je. kalau 2hrs mesti jemu ustazah tu nak jawab soalan dier "are we done yet?" hehehe...

dillazag said...

Aku grill dia ngapa cakap camtu? Dia kata, "Why, that's coz it took you too long to get here."
Kesian.. Tu nak kasik class interesting la tuh.. Nasib baik Ustazah dia so sweet, dok layan je karenah anak aku. :)

Ye, anak nombor dua adalah special like that! hihihihihihi

dillazag said...

Kalau aku jadi ustazah mesti dah angiinnn punya.. hihihihihihihi
When she told me the story pun she gelak-gelak only. Mungkin tak percaya apa yang dia tanya tu kot. hihihihi

He's already independent now, kan? Dah boleh tinggal.. Kalau boleh, saya pun nak hantar sejam je, tapi jauh sangat la yang nak ulang-alik 4 kali.
Masa saya observe budak-budak tu at the end of the session one night, si Harith bukan main lagi mengikut nyanyi nasyid dia, tapi lyrics tak tahu.. hihihihihi So comel!

Anonymous said...

Kak Dilla..
i baru jeks enrol my son kat ust. yati's place. Thanks to yr blog that i got the info. :-)
been staying at KD pong tak tau ada tempat tuh...isshhh teruk kan i nie! ;-)

- liz - (yr silent reader yg dah pandai membalas comment! he..he..he...)

dillazag said...

Oh really? Nanti kalau time balik tegur saya, tau! :)

BTW, congrats sebab dah reti guna comment box. ;) hari tu guna shout box je kan? hihihihihihi

BTW2, kalau you nak tau kat mana I beli meja rehal anak2 saya tu, adalah di Jalan TAR, opp. JS Gill and Insaf rest - Pustaka Permata ke Purnama. Harga RM65, i mintak kurang RM62. Walaupun mahal, adalah stylo (kan, Zatil kan?) - I got Khadra the baby pink one and Khaleeq the very macho black! :)
(hihihihi orang tak tanya pun nak cakap jugak)

Mimy Hamid said...

adik2 rajin mengaji yer...ehhe lawa tudung itu

ZaTiL said...

dilla, kami dah beli that kind of rehal. tak sure la betul2 sebijik or not. ayoi beli dr agent. mamat tu kebetulan ader kat sekolah harith masa dier pi nak bayar yuran pibg. kononnyer dier juga yg supply rehal tu kat jln tar and UIA. name card dia ada kat rumah.

skrg sbb dah tak perlu tunggu, ayoi je yg pi hantar :)

Anonymous said...

mmg mencabar kan hantar budak2 mengaji zaman now. Nana only pi ngaji bila papa dia ade. 9.30am ustazah dah start mengaji, sapa sampai awal, dia jln dulu. like old times. 3 times a week tapi cukup letih. tak masuk KAFA lagik...

dillazag said...

teruja ke? mak dengan anak share lah!! :)

dari agent? mesti special price nih. berapa dia cas?

btw, patutla i hardly see you anymore asyik brother yoi je yang ambik.

dillazag said...

i remember those days. i siap larik dulu after school nak chop tempat, baru balik rumah mandi makan apa semua.. hahahahahaha dasar kiasu!

so far, khadra belum start KAFA or SRA lagi. i think bior je dulu for now. nanti dah lepas dengan ustazah ni baru saya enrol. mak dia takleh nak hantar ambik.. :(

~ayoi~ said...

dillz: very handy la that meja rehal tu. that mamat yg jadi agent tu siap keluarkan his samples kat dpn pondok guard sekolah nak tunjuk kat i. i bought the one with reasonable size for harith for a very2 reasonable price. the one yg market price around rm65 but i got it at a much lesser price.

masa harith bawak meja tu 1st time baru ni pun, budak2 lain yg ada pun ala2 amaze dgn meja rehal tu. TQ for sharing the idea, sis.

dillazag said...

ada nombor tak si agent tu? nak gak beli lagi 3 bijik for budak2 ni kat rumah - i foresee it very handy for school/home work as well.

Anonymous said...

he..he..he.. thanks for the info..nanti ku pergi survey yeks..

dillazag said...

Tunggu si agent ni. Kot2 dapat murah. :)