Monday, December 28, 2009

Iqra' : Aj-Juzu' Wahid

We finally found a place to send the kids for mengaji thanks to Lina's recommendations to Ziezi . I have been looking for a place to send / someone to come over to teach Khadra and Khaleeq Iqra' since forever. Ada aje masalah problemnya. So, I really really appreciated this. Thank you, thank you, thank you , ladies!

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Through Ziezi's negotiation skills, we managed to secure a special timing with the Ustazah for a 2-hour session on Sundays. 10am-12pm. There are 6 kids for this session- 2 of ours, 2 of Ziezi's and 2 of Liza's. So, the coming Sundays from hereonwards, that's where I will be - somewhere in the area surrounding Ustazah Yati's abode. (Need to remember that I have to explore rumah Ustazah dan kawasan-kawasan sewaktu dengannya ni)

After the first meet, I am pretty satisfied with her. Ustazah Yati is a graduate student from UIA and is in the middle of writing up her doctorate in comparative religion. She speaks good English and her Malay sounds a little like Arabic. (She speaks like Anwar Ibrahim, if you know what I mean) :) As we found out then, she was not ONLY gonna teach Iqra' but will be teaching the kids Tajwid, some Arabic, Jawi, ayat-ayat solat , etc. So, basically = Yeay!!! :)

Then I got to thinking. (which is never a good thing)
2 hours in a week for mengaji and all the rest thrown in would not be sufficient, right?
We also found out that she has her normal classes running from 7-8pm and 8-9pm on Mondays through Thursdays.
So, the most natural thing is that we should just attend those classes too, right?

Now herein lies the challenge.
Ustazah Yati's place is in Kota Damansara.

Yes, think about the traffic from Bangsar to Kota Damansara on a weekday after office hours. It will not be pretty, I tell you.. :(

So, here's my commitment to my two kids:
Ibu will try to send the two of you to these 4 classes. Ibu akan cuba. I know that I have not been the type that would even set my foot home from work before Maghrib. But, hey we have to try, won't we? This January will be MY probation month.

If this does not work, kiddos, we'll have to make do with Plan B. That means only 2 classes on weekdays and the 2hours on Sunday. It sounds more manageable to me.

I love you guys loads and I promise to try my level best. Muah muah!
-dillz blogging out-


RAZ said...

U can do it MOMMY...!!!

dillazag said...

Insya Allah..
Kesian deprive diorang of mengaji...
kena cuba kuat sikit nih! :)

KS said...

agak2 dia boleh terima student lagi tak? tapi like u saidlah, KD tuuu...

takpe kak dilla, pergi makan kat sari artu sementara tunggu dia habis hehe :P

ZaTiL said...

boleh tau tak ustazah yati's normal classes kat mana?

thanks :)


you must try babe! for your kids' own good. work will always be there come rain or shine but your kids' bekalan akhirat is more important than anything else.

i send zareef to kafa after school. after a year, i see vast improvements in him. he now knows how to solat and baca iqra'. sket lagi nak masuk quran.

it's pretty moving to see him perform his prayers and watch him mengaji. it's what every parents hope for and much more.

dillazag said...

Yes, she is accepting. Tetapi berbalik kpd point tadi, KD tu.... :)

Kat rumah dia, jalan Nuri 7/19. 2 classes- one at 7pm and the other at 8pm.

Yes. Agreed. Tu yang aku bersungguh nak pergi ni. Allah dah mudahkan jalan, she was willing to take us in for 2x2hrs session on weekdays. That means 2hrs for me to merayau in Giant KD that has wendy's, jco, nail place and reflexology. Works really well with me! Yeay!!

floweRinthedesert said...


What are her charges like? I dok kat KD. Meh lah visit I. hehehe

datuk azizah said...

let me have the details maybe i can assist you both .i also like to be with them,u know i am still learning too.january very important for dilla,i can stand in for both families.tapi i and encik will be in jakarta from 11 to 14 .before and after that can be at your service.but 30 jan until 15 feb will be at alexandria inyaallah.after that free again until april and may .keep me posted .

ZaTiL said...

dilla, nak details boleh? PM me kat FB. i mmg tgh cari, ingat nak antar kat CIC kalau dah takde pilihan. tapi mcm kesian jugak for him kena ke sana sini after school. at least kalau amik kelas mlm, jauh sket gapnyer, and kurang sket nak turun naik van (mlm boleh antar sendiri).

btw, village grocer dah buka kat sunway giza (sebelah dataran sunway). its your fav place for groceries shopping kan... ;)

floweRinthedesert said...

hi Zatil,

Just as additional option for you to explore on night classes, there's Rehal at Section 4 that offers classes up to 9.30pm Mon-Thur. Friday up to 7.30pm.


ZaTiL said...

hi flowerinthedesert,

Rehal in sect. 4? where is that exactly? Is it the one yg rumah kedai mengadap flyover tu? I mmg duk kat sect 4. tapi tak familiar sgt area KD nie :)

floweRinthedesert said...

Hi Zatil,

You can just call me Rin. ;)

Yup it's the one facing the flyover. Beside the kedai photo and mamak at the corner tu.

Also, if you are interested in 3rd option, ie home tuition I have a contact who can go to your house. She's my daughter's ex IIS teacher.

to Dilla: sorry beb, I buat your comment section mcm rumah sendiri plak. ;P

dillazag said...

Rin / Zatil,

Sangat reasonable, babes. She takes RM40/month for the 4 days sessions (1 hr each time) She's doing it at her home je.The class is abt 20kids per session.

At the mo, we pay her an additional RM40 for the 2hr Sunday class. Something like that la.. Can give her a call to know more.

Nombor telefon ustazah Yati tertinggal kat rumah la, nanti I postkan kat sini.

I suggest you guys go see her and assess whether you wanna send them there first. The Arabic and all that tak lah macam hantar pergi sekolah agama, but OK lah. Maybe she can give tuition / home tutor also. Ask her lah , ok?

Rin: open invite tu. boleh i makan desserts you yang sodap-sodap .. hihihihihi..

Zatil: yes, I saw Giza too.. Yet to be explores. hihihihi Giant ni pun tak habis lagi pusing. hihihihi
Bolehla jumpa Madam Yoi bila I pergi hantaq bebudak ngaji. hihihihihii

dillazag said...

So far it is manageable. I am only sending them on 2 weeknights, at 2hrs each time. :) Thanks for the continuous support. nanti kalau ada hal-hal emergency, I shall keep you updated. Me loves you heaps! :)

ZaTiL said...

dilla, thank you very much... i'll wait for the ustazah yati's phone no. will make an appointment to see her.

Rin, my son will be in daycare @kinderland after school. so i amik teacher kat situ for his tuition. nak buat kat rumah sendiri tak sesuai dgn our situation.

thanks everyone for sharing... :)

floweRinthedesert said...

Dilla: That's very reasonable. RM40/mth for each child right?

Zatil, Rehal tu RM80/mth ea child every day Monday to Friday.

Oh and I meant home tuition as in cikgu tu pergi rumah ajar Iqra'/Arabic ikut your convenience, weekends/weeknights. :)

Yup thanks all for sharing. Dills i still nak Ustzah Yati's details, so nanti email me via FB yeah. Thnks a bunch, hun. :)

ps: Insylh on days u dtg rumah kalau ada dessert ada lah rezeki...kalau takde, bleh bawak dessert JCo ke sbg buah tgn...hehehe ;D

dillazag said...

Rin / Zatil
Ustazah Yati's number: 016-6146961
Yes, she charges RM40/month for each child for the normal classes (i.e. on weekdays , Mon- Thursday for an hour each session)

Good luck, ladies. :)

Anonymous said...

Hai dear.. i tried to kol this number.. but unreachable.. ustazah yati is using the number lg ke? or dah tukar? i would appreciate if you could share with me her new number.. :) thank you dear.. xoxo