Friday, June 05, 2009

Uber Amazing Blog?

I was tagged by the lovely Kay
I was the 7th on her list and she described me as:
K. Dilla. my senior yg HOT and famous from college. She is so blessed with a warm close-knit family, cool hubby and 3 smart, cute kids!

Thanks dearest for the pujian. Don't think I was ever that hot nor famous, tapi saya terima je lah seadanya. hihihihihi... Eventhough this is the second tag I've ever done since blogging in blogspot it happens to be my first award never. ;)

The rules: (I've added some additional ones as I pleased - hey! it's my blog, ok?)
  • Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.
  • Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.
  • Pick your ten (10) most deserving receipients and describe them.
  • Leave a comment on the receipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged.
  • Paste the award badge in your sidebar.
  • Have fun! If you feel like cutting down on the numbers, feel free to!
Item 1: Five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.
Kay and I met while we were in PPP/ITM. Lost contact for a while and I found her again through her blog, Ngantukalways. 5 facts, did you say? Well, here goes..

1. Kay dotes on her little boy, Jib. He's the intan, the permata and the budak busyuk all rolled into one.

2. Kay somehow "originates" from Singapore. I am not quite sure of the specifics, whether she was born there or not, but she spent a good part of her childhood days in the Lion Island.

3. Kay is a soccer freak. She would also stay up till ungodly hours in the name of soccer. Then you can catch her updating her blog / facebook status / tweets with names of soccer players / managers / soccer teams along with the match results and commentaries. It's not normal, girl.. Really, it's not! hihihihihihihi

4. Kay works with a certain car manufacturer/distributor so she sometimes gets to spend some of her time at shopping malls in the name of work. Besides the fact that the work actually entails going to work on weekends, how cool is to work IN a mall? (Did I lose you on that one yet?)

5. Kay went to two awesome concerts in Singapore with her friend sometime in the early part of the year. I believe it was Coldplay and Duffy and some vomit and embarassing scenes were also involved, right? hihihihihi

Item 2: Ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.

1. I am the self-proclaimed Queen of HHTA (Hangat Hangat Tahi Ayam). Always making up plans, tapi resultnya belum tentu. Selalunya tengah-tengah jalan dah habis steam - potong betullah.. hihihihihi.. You can sight the evidences here, here, here and here.

2. I love all things creative. That would include my special fondness (and or lack thereof talent) for facepainting and scrapbooking. However, please refer item 1 above. :) It is my wish to have a dedicated room in my house as my creative studio and store all the junk stuff I've bought for my little passion-of-the-moment. Hey, every house should have a craft room, what.... (Kak Aiz would agree)

3. Many many moons ago, I used to spend my weekends at the Flea Market @ The Curve face painting. Serious! I was even in Kosmo for it. Then, I decided that the modus operandi was too tiring and my body just could not take it! Eversince, I have been fulfilling requests for private functions and I even have an assistant to help me out! Contact me if you need our services, can give harga kawan-kawan one.. :)

4. I have just discovered how to strikethrough words in my blog entries so I can appear to be more witty! Terasa sedikit bangga dan sedikit dungu! So, please excuse the slight overkill / overuse. hihihihihihi (Mimi, the secret shall be revealed to you soon enough, babe..)

5. Have always loved to read but have been influenced by Adeeb and Linda to read books I would otherwise would not have picked up myself. e.g musings by Safian Abas and Ruhayat X, The Little Prince, The Catcher In The Rye.. My whole list is available in my.2009.bookbar at the bottom right end of this page.

6. Still on books. I love to have a complete set of books. I have the Lord of The Rings trilogy, all seven of the Harry Potter chronicles plus the text books, Bridget Jones 1 & 2 and the supplementary book. I also have tonnes of the Dilbert series - the book, the comic strip collections, you name it. When I was in secondary school my outings to Holiday Plaza would not be complete without a purchase of Danielle Steele or Jeffrey Archer novels. (Geli pulak ingat baca Danielle Steele) hihihihihi

7. I have actually started on our family's baju raya collection. (Sangat poyo, tak?) The purple-themed baju kurung/baju melayu for the kids and me are already hanging in my wardrobe.(Shouting out: B, you better get yours done, nanti tak matching!) There are also pieces of dresses for the girls and other bits and bobs ready - skirts, jeans, tops. Beli sikit-sikit masa sale, lama-lama jadi bukit. As sad attempt of a thrifty shopaholic. BTW, I am wearing my purple raya shoes to work today! hihihihihi

8. Sangat suka meminum Caramel Macchiato dari Bintang.USD sedikit masa dulu. Sejak dua menjak ini tak beli dari situ lagi (masih tidak, ya) dan menggantikan dengan Caramel Latte dari Kacang Kopi. It seems that I can no longer drink them caffein that much since I get after effects these days. Nak muntah la, gassy tummy la, tak bleh tido la.. (Hence, completing this tag) Dah tua agaknya..

9. I have my stylo days and I have my frumpy days. Sangat stylo kalau baru lepas shopping beli baju. On days that I feel like a fat bloating old lady, I'd just don my baju kurung cotton or any of my khemah-like tops and be done with it. Malas nak pikir.

10. Don't like gold or jewellery. The only ones that I wear are my wedding & engagement rings, halus little bracelet and matching chain (on loan from ibu), my 5 year-old Tag Heuer Alter Ego watch, my Coach bracelet and my earrings. All are white gold / platinum / stainless steel.

My numbers 7,8,9 and 10 will be updated later when I can think of something else to write about. Let's just get this published first. (Yes, cheats are allowed.) Updated!

Item 3: Pick your ten (10) most deserving receipients and describe them.
The following bloggers are my daily staple and I look forward to reading their postings everytime. These lovelies meet my definition of uber amazing: (in no particular order, ya. Jangan perasan Puan chics)

Recipient 1
chicsinred - Puan yang manis ini sangat rajin menghapdet blognya. I love reading her tongue in cheek remarks and her simple take on life. Hilarious as hell too. Her blog is definitely uber amazing! Moi loike! It's not a wonder that she's a Srikandi! Woot!! Buat tag akak, ya dik...
Read her tag-reply here: chics

Recipient 2
emazag - Azlul number 6 in the Zaghlol clan. Now pursuing her Masters in Actuarial Management (kah?) in City University, London. She has the most updated blog in the clan besides mine. So, I thought I'd like to keep it in the family with this one and exercise my form of cronyism. Has a heart of gold, this one and is still single. (Yes, Ema this is my form of advertisement. Awak yang suruh saya cari candidate, kan?) hihihihihi Jangan marra aaa.. Nanti kena jual...
(p/s: Note to 2 man(s) in my previous Cari Jodoh post - anda berdua need not apply. You wouldn't want me to be your SIL)

Recipient 3
Principal Hemy - Perempuan ini saya jumpa di sekolah menengah. My Form 4 senior when I was in Form 1. She's a lawyer by training but left the profession to pursue her dream. I love to follow her daily adventures with the wonderful kids of Q-dees Saujana Utama and also her personal journey in life. Sangat sarcastic dan comel to boot!
Read her tag-reply here: Kenali Saya

Recipient 4
Amy - Jiran rapat masa in PPP/ITM. Those were the days, eh Amy? hihihihihihi.. One of the most self-less person I have ever met. Always thinking about others before herself. She's our main organizer for the all-girls' outings and the annual IKEA break-fast do. Love this woman to bits, it's about time that she loves herself as much!
Read her tag-reply here: I've been awarded

Recipient 5
Marliza Radzi - I only discovered this jewel of a blabbering mouth earlier this year. And what an interesting read she has provided me. Witty, funny and sharp. Loyar, rupanya.. Dan dah tentu seorang Srikandi.. :) Eventhough our secondary schooling time did not overlap, I feel an overwhelming connection to this girl. It's called sisterhood, y'all.
Read her tag-reply here: AM (Susah sikit nak pin-point the post coz she doesn't write a post title in her entry. I could just direct you to the right month. Carilah ye? )

Recipient 6
Along - This once again new-mommy of Daria Syazmin (don't you just love that name?) is actually a mommy of three girls. Has shared her ups and downs of her pregnancies in her blog which I believe has help a lot of readers out there in the same situation. She's one of the supermoms I have the priviledge to know personally and pssst.. she owns a spa. How cool is that?

Recipient 7
D.N.A.S - My favourite makcik blogger ever. Serious! She also happens to be my dormmate back in STF and her mom lives in Triang, Pahang - so she shares the same dialect as the Zaghlol clan. Popalleh, weh!! This IT expert should really be a writer and is preggers with her 3rd child right now.
Read her tag-reply here: Uber Amazing Blog

Recipient 8
Ajezack - Another friend from my PPP days. She also happens to be Terk's (my junior in STF) elder sister. This little lady is such a joy to be with. Always ready to have a wonderful time, she's ever smiling. Like , always smiling. A.L.W.A.Y.S.

Recipient 9
wanshana - A Srikandi super senior whom I got to know better through the blogosphere. I started reading her blog when she was reading her PhD in England (that was yonks ago) and we met every now and then at Srikandi gatherings. I am envious of her fabulous MT gatherings. She has a lovely family of 5 whom she writes about in her blog. Another useless fact I know about her - Her Dr-husband and all her kids go to Sri Petaling for their primary education. (Hey, me too!)

Recipient 10
Noresh - Mommy cum entrepreneur who bakes lovely cakes. Noresh is an engineer by training but decided to devote her time to tend to her kids' needs on full-time basis and does her baking business on the sides. She has been slacking on her posts lately. *tsk.tsk.tsk* Hopefully, this will be a good way to buck up, girl!

Keep on writing, guys! Now you know you have at least ONE loyal reader in me! ;)

-dillz blogging out-


kucingorengemok said...

ooo ok, kena letak benda alah reben pink tu? haha. konpius! (atau boleh juga dikatakan dungu).

chics said...

Baiklah nanti saya buat ye[suke je sebanrnya tag tag ni hehe]

dillazag said...

Saya tambah sendiri je rule tu.. hihihihihihi
Suka hati, kan?

dillazag said...

Wah! Cepat betul dia respond. Bagus, inilah perkhidmatan yang cekap! Tak sia-sia I letak you nomor SATU!

D.N.A.S said...

Saya buat minggu depan sebab hari ni baru je post hapdet... Hehehehe.... Panjang nak kena tulis tuuuuu....

dillazag said...

Minggu depan pun boleh jugak... janji buat, aaa..

kucingorengemok said...

kita pun dah ada baju raya... mcm byk je pulak tu, tak tau nak pakai mana satu, hahaha (lawan poyo meh)..


woohohoho... mentang2 aku lembab bab update blog nih, ko letak aku last ye....

i will do it, i promise. when? tunggu la ye... :D

dillazag said...

Baju purple dah siap. Ni nak kena carik baju oren pulak. Awak mesti suka punya kaler sama dengan awak. ;)

dillazag said...

Hahahahaha .. Tau takpe..
Saya tunggu, no worries..

ms ngantuk said...

k dillz,
u mmg famous la dulu. sape x kenal? u je x sedar kot. anyway adalah pompuan2 gila bola like me. x ramai kot but takdelah x normal hehe. btw queen of hangat2 taik ayam..sebab tu jodoh dgn ayam :)

dillazag said...


Ye la.. Ye la.. Saya terima.. *padahal my butt dah kembang* hihi

btw, sangat gross ok on the HHTA thingy. hihihihi

Marliza Radzi said...

sis, I dah tempek, tapi belum pass around. nanti eh?

terima kasih, ya. I'm flattered :)

dillazag said...

No hal.. Saya tunggu... :)
Flattered? Adakah ala-ala tak larat?

Marliza Radzi said...

haah sepatuutnya kena guna tak larat, lupa sesama STFians :D

I suka Man & Boy! tapi janganlah baca Man & Wife, nanti kecewa. huhu.

oh BTW, I dah siap buat :D

dillazag said...

I already read and commented. Tq!
And you tagged chics too.. Boleh la main kejar-kejar camtu. Tag! Tag-balik!
Man & Boy saya dah kena air masa budak2 balik dari swimming , so sedang berjemur di luar nun. Man & Wife dah beli - adakah bermakna tak payah baca? Nasib baik RM20 je kat warehouse sale.