Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Happy Birthday , 2 Boys and 1 Girl!!

I always look forward to end of July coz three of my favourite persons celebrate their birthdays one day after the other. 30th July this year is Khaleeq's 5th, 31st July is Azrul's 32nd and 1st August is Ema's 24th. (Boy, that was a mouthful!)

Khaleeq has been asking day in day out whether it is his birthday today eversince we celebrated Khadra's 6th on the 3rd of June. So, when it was finally his day, he was beyond excited. We promised to have a do at school, just like Khadra's with an added celebration at his Eki's in Puchong. I had more than 2 days to prepare for his party at school, so we decided to give out invites this time round. He was over the moon over it. The theme, of course, HAD to be Ben-10 Alien Force. Party packs were kept to the minimal number since we only distributed them to his classmates. Ben-10 stuff for the boys and Dora stuff for the girls. Party packs and invite was sorted thanks to Ziezi, party planner extraordinaire.

As expected, we also had cuppies at the do, all from Zura Naem of Hey Cupcakes! (Another Srikandi, I might add!) There are other pictures in our DSLR but it is not with me. So kalau ada rezeki , nanti saya update lah gambar yang lain itew..

Anyways, Khaleeq was more interested to open up the oodles of Ben-10 and Transformers action figures that he had wanted for his birthday. (We have a new agreement with the kids now - no more buying of toys. Exclusion adalah ketika birthday sahaja. So, they are now looking forward to November when it's Khaleeda's birthday!)

The big(ger) kids were treated to a karaoke session at Red Box Sunway. Apart from family, the famous SLIMRED-ers, Anyah & fiancee, Af and Farishah joined in. Lagu wajib termasuklah KRU old songs - AWAS (can't tahan with Liyana's famous dance!) , my Katy Perrys, Kira's Lady Gagas and of course rock kapaks and Indo mania. That was a fun night! :)

This year, I promised Azrul a nicer present and he chose to get a driver. (Not the one driving the car kind, but the one used to tee-off on the golf course variety) Entahla elok ke tak, tak tau la makcik.. We took it for a test at the driving range in Kiara. Bak kata orang tua-tua, berdesup perginye.. He bought it first so now I owe him RM1050 selepas diskaun. :) Boleh tak buat-buat lupa nak bayar? hihihihi

Happy birthday guys, you know how much you mean to me! :) Muahss!!

-dillz blogging out-


Ajerul said...

U forgot to mention that the driver's shaft is Aldila Zaghlol. hahaha

dillazag said...

I knew the name, but didn't what the batang was called. Kang tulih rod kang buek maluuu yo.. Hihihi

ms ngantuk said...

happy birthday to all! my son pun celebrated his a few days earlier; pun nak ben10 cake!

btw mahalnya driver tu! xkan ku volunteer beli benda tu when my other half's day comes...:)

Ajerul said...

K, 1000 bucks driver is cheap by comparison. Some drivers may set u back 2000 - 2500 after discount. Whatever it is dont you ever buy golf stuff that is not on sale. total rip-off. even on a random day, any tom, dick or harry could get 30% on almost everything from Transview. Ni kira promo la ni. hahahaha

dillazag said...

thank you dear.. :)
punya ramai manusia punya birthday one by one = mengopakkan walletku.

takpelah on the driver tu. kasi can maa.. i never get him anything expensive, EVER. Habih mahal pun 600-700 hengget je.. so, this is a treat he should NOT get used to. hihihihihi

dillazag said...

Justify la kot mana pun.. It's OK. The driver is yours already, maa..