Friday, August 07, 2009

House Arrest!

Azrul has not been feeling all that well since our travels back from Jakarta. I blame it on his frequent fly-out in the past few weeks. He has also scheduled another trip to Phnom Pehn this Sunday. When one's body has been put into the stress of travels, rushing hours, unfamiliar territories and food, lack of sleep etc etc , your body would somehow find a way to tell you to slow down. Mulalah batuk-batuk, sakit badan, demam segala datang menjelma.

After a few days back from Jakarta, he started to feel weak, tak sedap badanlah kata orang.. Then, the high fever started on Sunday. His temperature reached upto 39.7C so, we went straight to the Emergency Department in Pantai Medical Centre. The ED was filled to the brim, eventhough it was at 11:30pm. After they took his history and temperature, he was given a 3-ply mask and immediately taken to the isolation area. We stayed till 2:30am when he was finally released to go home, but with a self-quarantine advice. I also underwent self-quarantine the next day and worked from home, just in case.

He felt better soon after. The high fever was completely gone on Tuesday. However, he noted that his chest was giving all sorts of funny noises. He could even hear his wheezing with every deep breath. So, he decided to go back to the clinic on Thursday and have a check. True enough, he was referred for an x-ray at the ED in Pantai Medical Centre. We spent Thursday lunch at the ED and he had his chest scanned and also some blood works done. He sent me back to the office and he went home to wait for the results.

At about 5pm, he went back to the ED and was told that he had developed mild pneumonia and needs to be self-quarantined at home for about 7 days. (Later, we went back to ED to get some clarifications on what to do and was assured that he just needed to rest and just stay away from gatherings and the masses as a whole so that he won't get infected by the gen pop. You never know what other people has and it's just sound advice to just carry out social distancing.)

So, with our masks still on, we went to borong two boxes of 3-ply masks (one for adults and another for kids) , a few bottles of Dettol antiseptic gel and some supplements for the kids. BTW, OMG on the price of the face masks. RM1 for each 3-ply = RM50 per box. The N95 variety is going at RM5 per piece. Don't get me started on the antiseptic sterilizer thingamabobs- the surgical standard ones are going at RM45 per bottle. (Medium sized) Last-last, pharmaceutical companies jugak yang kaya bila ada outbreak macam ni. Way to feed on people's paranoia! :(

Anyhoots, Azrul will, from now on (until his 7-day quarantine is over) live in the space I stayed during my confinement, separate from the others in my household.

1- The two of us while waiting to get his chest X-rayed at the hospital
2- Bahan borong dari pharmacy
3- Patient under house arrest dalam keadaan duduk and melayan bosan at isolation room in our house
4- As above, but dalam keadaan baring
5- Khaleeda putting her mask on to show daddy how cute she looks. :)

Would have to ask for his wish list on how to kill the boredom. Would also need to stock up on the jajans in the kitchen. Kesian, suami saya..

Saya sudahi dengan a good read on A(H1N1) --> A(H1N1) flu: Updates on 10 FAQs - Dr David KL Quek. Be informed, do the right thing!

-dillz blogging out-


Mimy Hamid said...

thanks for the info kak dilla....sian mr suami ..cute la deeda ..heeh

dillazag said...

never hurts to be informed, right?
memang kesian dia, tapi kelakar jugak. macam tengok org dalam aquarium pun ada jugak.. hihihi