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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Travelog Jakarta 3: She came, she saw, she bought most everything..

As I have mentioned in my previous summary post (Travelog Jakarta 1) , there were a lot of malls in Jakarta. Top it up with the fact that we were there during the Jakarta Sale Fest. Due to the limited time we had around town and I was not particularly looking for kain or telekung or batik and the lot, we skipped Mangga Dua and Tanah Abang this time around. All available time was spent combing One Pacific Place, Senayan City, Plaza Senayan, Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, EX and FX Mall. *Drool*

It seemed that EVERYTHING was on sale. 70% here, 50% there, 60%.. To say that I was rambang mata was an understatement. There definitely wasn't enough time, for sure, to shop to my heart's content. Ada masa masuk kedai, tengok-tengok, try-try = tak beli and ada masa masuk kedai, tengok-tengok, try-try = a big package of goodies. :) It was also the first time ever I tried a few Manolo Blahniks, Tod's and MJs on my feet and ended up putting them back on the display, eventhough it was on -70%. *Damn it, bilalah boleh afford nih*

In the end, I got some stuff for the kids, a little for the husband and A LOTTTTT for me! hihihihihihi Rejeki.. Rejeki...

Nonetheless, the ones I bought for myself were all those bearing the 70% tag (preferable), 50% (majority) and 30%(acceptable). *Attempt to justify purchase, nih*

Let's just have a peek at some of the stuff I brought home, shall we? (clockwise from below)

  1. The row of packages all lined up at the end of Monday. Not in picture: Tuesday's worth of shopping. hihihihihihi
  2. My precious cargo - handcarried item on the flight back. Got it at a steal! The handbag was going at -70% (can you believe that?) I was , at one point, contemplating of buying three of those beauties - different models , different colour but of the same collection. After a lot of Istighfars, I put down the other two and ran off with this one. The wristlet was only on -30% sale but I got it anyways since *someone* already remarked that my current wristlet dah kotor. Not in picture: handphone lanyard at -70% which I just had to get. (Kan?)
  3. My three Charles & Keith's. Selama dok Malaysia ni tak pernah pulak beli, kat Jakarta la pulak dia jadi jakun. hihihihihi. I was told this is a Singaporean brand but has gained popularity in Malaysia and Indonesia. (Ye ke?) They were all on -30% and I just had had had to get the gladiator sandals. Eventhough I have to suck in my tummy and fold my legs everytime I need to buckle them up. Why oh why la there's no zipper on that thang?? Very comfortable and very sexy, no? The second pair is also a favourite - black satin peep toe flats. You can never have enough of blacks, I say.. The 4 inch grey peep toe pun I like. It's meant more for work and is a little challenging to walk in, but I managed to parade it around the office on Tuesday! :)
  4. Tops -all those from Banana Republic, Zara and GAP were on -50%. Lovely.
  5. Jeans - a nice black one from Banana Republic and my first skinny from Dorothy Perkins. All at -50%, of course. :)
What can I say, but "I'm in heaven?" *Big big smile*

*Disclaimer: Title of this post was cilok-ed from my hubby's facebook status at some point*

-dillz blogging out-


ajezack said...

Ugghh.. with my two credit card being held hostage, i can just drool at ur purchase.. arghhh.. pressure! I'm in dire need of retail teraphy too!

Mimy Hamid said...

handbag to smart giler hokehhhhh....DP skinny jeans tu x tahan...nak satu la..muat ke?? ah belasah


you should have just BOUGHT those coaches and sell them off kat sini. boleh buat untung la... hehehhe..

i've never been to jakarta. baca citer kau bershopping sakan makes my inner shopping nafsu jadi membuak2 hahhahaha...

kucingorengemok said...

aaa nak wristlet! nak wristlet!

my SIL ajar anak² dia istighfar & selawat byk² SEBELUM masuk kedai supaya tak rambang mata, hehe, kisah benar!

dillazag said...

i need to go for another round!;)

dillazag said...

dorothy perkins ni banyak saiz untuk yang super comel. :) cuba try lah beb..

dillazag said...

i thought of that, really..
also thought of buying them and giving out to my sisters.. (nak jadi robin hood la tu..)

dillazag said...

ada jugak wristlet yang 50% off.. *serious*
kecur tak air liur? :)

ms ngantuk said...

see..betulkan status en azrul? :P

dillazag said...

janganlah camtu...
malulah i..

RAZ said...

Umang aiiii.... Banyak bebenor ko belanja ek... berderet paper bag ko tu... hahahaha....

dillazag said...

Safe to say, habihla duit memangku tu.. hihihihihihi

joE said...

shopping spree for goods,,, LOL

dillazag said...

i highly recommend it. it's really therapeutic! ;)