Monday, August 10, 2009

Let's Keep It Clean

There was a health-talk by Lifebuoy at the kids' school last Saturday. One which we had signed up for a week prior and for which we had to skip 2 birthday invites. (Sorry Rita and Azni)

Some of the highlights of the events were:
  • Story-telling with En Durian: It had a simple theme. Adventurous Kids gets themselves dirty, adventurous kid gets sick. Adventurous kids need to be clean and practice good personal hygiene. Adventurous kids get to be adventurous and healthy! The storyteller was the bubbly, expressive and energetic En Durian, who took his time and turned it into something fun for the kids. Here's a little snippet of En Durian in action:
  • Hygiene talk and Quiz: After the story was done, En Durian explained the expected hygienic activities that the kids were supposed to maintain. How many times they should bathe with Lifebuoy shower gels. :) When to wash your hands, and how to wash them with Lifebuoy hand wash. The kids had to imitate a series of step-by step instructions and once again En Durian made it fun. Even Khaleeda joined in! :) There was also a simple quiz at the end of it.
  • Hand-washing demo: The kids took turns, one-by-one, to step on the stool and have a go at the mobile wash basin. En Durian was there again to guide them. So sweetlah En Durian ni. And so patient. :) Here's Khadra giving it a go.
  • Colouring competition & Facepainting: Next was the colouring competition and to complement the activity, me and Kira facepainted the kids too. :) No pictures, sorry. I was too busy "working".
I did think it was a great and fun way for the kids (and their parents) to learn about personal hygiene. Even I didn't know the exact techniques to wash my hand, know what I mean? All this while, I have just been winging it. Mana ada buat claw and gosok-gosok on the palms, segala. hihihihihihi Why lah zaman dulu takde pun orang nak ajar kita cuci tangan? Kids these days are so lucky, they have everything handed out to them, eh?

Anyhoots, with the influenza scare about town, it could not have come at a more appropriate time. Thank you , Lifebuoy! Thank you, Beaconhouse Bangsar! I sure learnt some great lessons!

-dillz blogging out-


kucingorengemok said...

when i was in primary school, ada demo berus gigi... in fact, bukan demo lah, lepas rehat semua orang kena berus gigi sama² tepi longkang... i think dental hygiene masa tu teruk sangat, the govt had to do something about it

dillazag said...

betul, betul betul...

I remember the berus gigi time di tepi-tepi longkang itu. Sebaris je bebudak semua..

Ish, macam mana la boleh lupa pulak..

Adeeb Iryani said...

Eh, tapikan I remember Khadra once told me last year that YOU taught her how to wash hands properly (yang siap scrub belakang tangan lagi). Dia siap demonstrate kat I lagi masa tuh.

dillazag said...

I asked Khadra whether I ever taught her how to wash her hands and she said,
"No. Mr Durian taught me."

Seriously babe. I can't recall the incident. hihihihi.. o old already, lah!

Along said...

It's good that schools are taking the initiative to teach our children these basic stuff. Sometimes bukan mak ayah tak ajar, but kids like it better when it's taught in a fun environment with their friends. Ada lak maskot2 yg pandai layan ni...hehehe...

Maybe I should get Dina's school to adopt similiar programs.

dillazag said...


it's true.. they learn but don't feel like they are learning when they are having fun, right? *am i making sense?*

Anonymous said...

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Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?