Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Skin It!

They were asking and looking around for a nice compact camera for us. They went into a Mac shop and came back with this for Kira to slide over Ema's iPhone. Cantik juga, ya?

The iPhone 3G skin is not like the one I got from Digiskin in Jakarta. Definitely NOT like the blings I got much earlier. It is made of silicone, methinks, so it has this rubbery feeling to it. A few days later, Azrul got the monkey Julius from Paul Frank. (It was RM10 cheaper from the one they got off the Mac store)

I just love that monkey - Julius, I mean, not Azrul.

Anyhoots, I thought the writings on the packagind were kinda cute:

skin for iPhone 3G
to protect your iPhone from danger

Paul Frank recommends the regular cleaning of your iPhone and case to prevent dust, scum and other particles from building up. If you do not follow a regular cleaning schedule, the collection of dust, scum and other particles may cause slight abrasion to your device as well as leaving a scummy residue on your face. Ewww...

Comel, kan??

-dillz blogging out-


Miemi Mag said...

Popaleh weh bet plestit. Lawo nye cover koi te.

ms ngantuk said...

saya suka yg azrul punya!

btw khaleeq dah baik ke? kesian si comey tu sakit2. lg kesian mak bapak dia yg asyik kena jaga org sakit

dillazag said...

I know who you are.. And yes.. the skin is pretty awesome. ;)

dillazag said...

Yeah. Me too. That julius is soo cheeky! ;)
Khaleeq is all better now, thanks. He's been asking for Megatron la pulak... :)