Sunday, August 23, 2009

DS Lite for Motivation

Have been contemplating on the incentives to get the kids if they fast for this month of Ramadhan.

Sedikit background story: Both Khadra and Khaleeq are avid gamers. Just like their dad. They play the PS2, PSP, Wii, vtech and some random Dora / Spongebob / Sonic joystick games that is a Go! once it gets connected to your TV. As far as portables go, though, they take turns on Azrul's PSP. It's not a new set either. In fact, Khaleeq has always complained about the unavailability of his dad's PSP - it's brokenlah, something wrong with the memory card or something. Al-maklumlah , benda dah tua..

In any case, we thought that they would be really happy, like in euphoria kinda happy, if we bought them the DS Lite EACH. In turn, they'd give their best in their attempts to fast in this holy month of Ramadhan, terawikh and wake up for Sahur. (Stark difference from my mom's RM1 reward per full day yonks ago. Inflation sucks, eh?)

When we struck this deal, Khadra was already at mid-point of her first day of Ramadhan. Khaleeq had already broken his fast at 12pm coz the sizzles of fried chicken frying in the kitchen was too tempting. They were both onboard immediately and the quest for DS Lite commences.

1. Khadra waiting for her Metallic Rose DS Lite to be screen protected.
2. Khaleeq's Jet Black DS Lite getting the same treatment.
3. DS Lite-ing in the car.
4. DS Lite-ing after Sahur. (Khaleeda pun bangun Sahur pagi tadi)

It is now 12:30pm on the second day of Ramadhan.
  • So far, Khadra has succeeded in completing her first puasa of her life yesterday AND without Sahur at that. Today, both are still fasting and neither had asked for fried chicken or water, yet. :)
  • Terawikh completed two days in a row for Khadra. Khaleeq hit his head *alasan* last night while playing with the kids, so he took a rest. But, he did stand beside his dad in the mosque on the first night of Terawikh.
  • Both kids woke up for Sahur this morning and once done immediately meng-hadap their DS Lite before going back to sleep. :)
I really hope this works. I guess, having the item of their dream in their hands is such a great motivator for them to really work on their fasting. (Of course I threaten them to take it away if they don't try hard.. ;) Itu standardlah.. )

-dillz blogging out-


Laki ko la sapa lagi said...

You can't lose something you don't have. Hence it's only natural for them to not respond to empty threats such as "if u dont do this then I wont buy you that". But on the contrary, given the fact they do own the "reward" in advance, they would shudder at the thought of losing their DS Lite. They could see what joy the DS Lite would bring to them and what it would do to them should it be taken away.

Betul tak?

RAZ said...

Hehehe.. aku pun tgh 'rasuah' anak2 sedara aku utk posa. Satu hari posa=RM1, additional bonus:satu kilo berat turun (esp for my 5 years old boboy nepwhew who weight already 24kg)= RM1. Amacam? Effective ke idak incentive aku ni..?hehehe...

zatil said...

pic no 4 so chomelll... deeda jenguk je dr blkg her sis and bro main sorang satu... where's mine?? hehehe...

Amy said...

Comel je :)

che' nah said...

Adeh. Thank God that my children don't surf the net (and finds these sort of blog entries). Hihihi.

Their latest exam -- the one right b4 this school hols -- I was already asked, "ummi. kalau dpt markah 100, ummi bagi apa?". cait. 5 subjects ok. are you joking? so clever ummi said, "ummi bagi 100 kisses". ahahaha. (come to think of it, did I just managed to get them to NOT get full marks? :P) -- and didn't this make you just miss the days when you CAN score full marks in an exam? (cue: refer back to 15 postings below this very one *did she actually took the trouble to count this? -- and did she manage to get others to do the same? ahahaha*).

Have a good Ramadhan la you. :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

wahh.. untung bebudak sekarang eh? :D LOL

sue said...

Good method Dilla..hope it works.Selamat berpuasa...

Along said...

My incentive to Dania is RM100 to put towards her new bike. Inflation? Yeah, it's a bitch. I got RM5 if I fasted for the whole month...that's like berapa sen je sehari. Itu pun dah happy habis dah...hmmm..

dillazag said...

B: Yeah, agree with you on that point. They actually cuba bersungguh-sungguh to puasa, kan? And the game really make them forget for a while the hunger and the thirst. Tengok si Khaleeq tu, kalau game kena charge je, terus mintak "Can I have a sip of 100 plus. Just once" je memanjang.. :)

However, tak kan nak beli DS Lite tiap-tiap tahun, weh. Mau kontang kita. hihihihihi Tahun depan kena bagi seringgit (or whatever) sehari lah.. :)

Raz: Wah. creative tu bro. Tak pernah lak aku dengar bagi incentive utk turun berat sekali waktu Ramadhan ni. :)

dillazag said...

Amy: Bersungguh My.. Bangga saya tengok.. Semalam, si Khaleeq siap menangis sbb tak boleh pergi masjid utk terawikh.:) Mula-mula ni macam paksa and rasuah, kan.. Tapi lama-lama sok, pandai la dia buat sendiri, sebab dah biasa.. :)

Che Nah: ye ke diorang tak reti nak surf the Web?? Kot-kot nanti diorang mintak je, "Ummi, can we get a DS Lite each" *eh, apa email or FB diorang, I can forward/post the url of my blog* hihihihi
Ramadhan Kareem to you too, old friend.. :)

dillazag said...

zatil: OMG zatil.. seriously she is so becok now.. dah pandai rebut barang saying "It's mine!!" and she has such a loud voice to boot. (macam mak dia jugak)hihihihihi.. Nasib baik makcik tu tak demand nak jugak sebijik.. hihihihi

Sasha: I just think it's a good way to motivate them. More so him, just to get him used to berpuasa. In fact, his elder cousin sister attempted to puasa penuh coz she saw that Khaleeq could do it too.. So, for the betterment of the society as a whole, justified lah pembelian DS Lite itu (and I could cilok playing them too - the games are just sooo addictive.. Go Go Cooking Mama 2!)

dillazag said...

sue: So far so good. :) Khadra dah dapat full 5 hari. (This is her 6th) and Khaleeq is just trailing by one. :) But in between tu kena jugak banyak peluk, banyak distract, banyak reason dengan dia..

Along: That's a good sum for full fasting, babe. I might just ikut you.. :)