Monday, June 29, 2009

Rumah Terbakar Panggil Bomba!

Any one of you got caught in traffic at Federal Highway near the Kerinchi exit during lunch hour today? Inilah penyebabnya..

Captured the pictures while I was having lunch at the TM cafeteria just now. So, this is really hot off the press, y'all! Seems that a house (probably squatter) by the Federal Highway was on fire. I believe it is in the Kerinchi area. There's not many squatter houses left in that area, most have already made way to the rapid development in the neighbourhood. By the end of my lunch, there were already several firetrucks on the scene. Efficient, y'all! (BTW, call 999 for Bomba these days, ok? They are all using the same number for Malaysia Emergency Response team inclusive of the police, bomba and ambulance)

Terbakar or dibakar? Don't really know.. Maybe a child was playing with matches and the unfortunate happens. Maybe some developer tied a flaring torch to a mouse and let it loose.

One thing's for certain though. Traffic jam due to kay-po-chee bystanders; in the buildings, by the roadside, in the cars.. (Yours truly included) All stalling to see and comment among themselves on what happened, why it happened. A must get-together lah, kata orang..

Aaahhh... Malaysia memang boleh!

-dillz blogging out-


D.N.A.S said...

Wah, kencangnya meng'update' sekarang. Kalah RedMummy kalau macam ni. Hihihi.

dillazag said...

I need it to keep my sanity. Hahahahahahaha
Dok pulun report ni tak habis-habis..
Lagipun, nuffnang masyukkkk ni.. ;) Gumbira hati beta..

kucingorengemok said...

patut lalu tepi tu drive laju², kot² ada benda nak meletup ke, kan... org kaya nuffnang belanja tak kawan² blog yg sllu singgah sini? ;)

dillazag said...

My friend baca kat Sinar Harian - they suspected sabotage. They saw someone running out from a rumah kosong before the fire started. 5 rumah terbakar, you.. Kesian...

Banyak pun tak de la banyak.. Almost RM100 in three months. Not bad, eh? Nanti buat kenduri, datang tau.. :) Ingat nak biar sampai setahun, tengok apa jadi.. Mesti menarik...