Thursday, June 11, 2009

On My Day Off

Updated! 7:00am the next morning

We ended up at the al-Rawsha Restaurant, Jalan Damai. (Read KOG's review on al-Rawsha)Rupa-rupanya we have been there before last fasting month. The kids already had their dinner prior, so they were busying themselves at the little playground they had. We picked a table nearby to keep an eye on them.

The food was great! We had chicken and lamb mandy (Yes, KOG, the receipt still said it was lamp mandy. :)) as well as some grilled whole chicken and humous. The serving was plentiful and the taste? Hmm.. Hmm.. Hmm.. Goooood!

Was so tired after the day adventure, everybody went home a happy camper. I was so tired, I opted sleep over report writing during my early morning session. ;)

Updated! 7:00pm

Finished my Pagi Morning Round with accomplishments of 66.7%. Started out kinda late so I did not get to the 'grooming' part. Already bought 5 movie tickets for Hannah Montana for the 1:45pm show at GSC, Mid Valley so I had to drop that visit to Saluga's. :( No matter, I was thinking that I could quietly slip that agenda back in the evening phase. All is not lost yet!

Anyhoots, saw quite some interesting kains at Mak Anjang's so I bought a few. Thought I could use them for Raya as well as for work and kenduris. It's been quite a while since I made any baju kurungs. Then I went to do my marketing and came back with a trolley full of good stuff. Abang yang tak bernama tersebut is seen pushing my loot back to the car. Notice the green bag and blue chiller bag? Yes, I am completely off plastic bags for marketing now. We reuse! (Must practice what I preach!)

Next, into my Afternoon Evening Round. First up was the Hannah Montana movie. (Picture credit: here)

Since we were running late, no Chili's. Only hot dogs and pop corns and Cheezels during the movie. Movie itself is sangat best, ok?Tolong pergi tengok.

Yes, even abang-abang and bapak-bapak pun would find it pretty entertaining. A lot of nice songs in between. There's even a shoe-fighting scene with Tyra Banks that you would not want to miss. Taylor Swift also sang one song. (I sooo like that girl. You know, that Love Story song is by her..) I also liked the line dancing for that "Do the Ho-down""Hoe-down Throwdown" song. (Not sure what it's called. Will check and rectify later*Updated*) Sangat comel. They have a little more of that at the ending credits too. Please wait for that!

Had some girlie fun a little later. Bought some hairbands, slingbag and bangles. Miss T is on sale! Then we made a move to Bangsar Village 2. Khadra and Teyta had their nails done for RM10 each! (Check it out at Glitters on the top most floor) I had the chance to squeeze myself a new dress for the Saturday night ball (Uuuu.. So posh!) and the much needed grooming. Hah! Finally! I am no longer hairy where I am not supposed to be! Yee-ha!

Have to zoom along now, our dinner is awaiting! Need to get myself and the kids ready! Stay tuned to know where!

Original post: 9:34am

Promised Khadra that I would take her to the Hannah Montana movie with her friends (bukan ramai pun - it's just her cousin Nelysa and their friend Harissa) as part of her birthday treat. So, tidak boleh tidak, I took leave today to make good with the promise. *Disclaimer untuk tengok Hannah Montana, sebenarnya. hihihi*

Since the day is long, here I am setting out the plan for the day. Roughly, it would go something like this:
Pagi Morning Round: Make a stop at Mak Anjang's shop to check out some new kain that came in (KIV untuk raya tak tahu tahun bila) and to pick up Khaleeq's mended baju melayu for this year's Raya. Then off to groceries to stock up on the kitchen inventories and maybe a quick dash to Saluga's for a much needed grooming. (You wouldn't want to know the specifics, I tell ya)

Afternoon Evening Round: Pick up Nelysa from Ziezi and meet Harissa and mom at Chili's Mid Valley for lunch. Then off to the movie show at 1:45pm. Maybe, jalan-jalan for a while around Mid Valley after that coz Ziezi said there's a good sale at Miss T. (and maybe some other places) You know, just some good girlie fun!

Malam Night Round: Want to take out my MIL to dinner. Tak tau lagi kat mana, a good Arab restaurant maybe - somewhere in KL. (KOG, need help here!)

Will probably update in phase by phase stage. Watch this space!

-dillz blogging out-


MimY HaMiD said...

wah layan syok layan hannah montana the movie..kena bawa my sis gak ni..hmmm enjoy sis

zatil said...

boleh try Al-Rawsha Restaurant kat Jalan Damai, great food!!

dillazag said...

Thank you thank you.. :)
Best woo.. Sangat kena tengok si hannah montana ni!

dillazag said...

I was thinking of that too .. Kat belakang kedai Jaguar tu kan? We'll see where we'll end up tonite! Surprise...

kucingorengemok said...

sedap kaaaannn LAMP mandy. hahaha. i actually kept that receipt, tapi lambat sgt nak ambik gambar, the next time i checked the ink dah padam, hehe.

Marliza Radzi said...

Hannah Montanah tahap 'sangat best'?! perlu cari DVD ni! (sebab there's no way-lah my Husband nak diheret menonton HM. hahaha)

dillazag said...

I tried taking a picture of lamp mandy tapi too much flash, tak nampak wording! sheesh.. memang dia ni sengaja tak bagi ambik bukti!

dillazag said...

Dah keluar ke dvd? Hmm... cetak kah?
hihihihihi Do get it..
Kalau keluar dgn girlfriends pun best gak.. I thought Ayin is on this part of the world - can ask her, no?

Yan said...

seronotnyaaaa the kids having girly2 fun! ;)

dillazag said...

i also tumpang seronok.:) kalau dapat menicure RM10 je, memang seronok!!!

.ems gems. said...

best nye, can you spoil me too when i come home? hihihi. those girls are lucky to have a mum/aunty like you kn! dangggg.

dillazag said...

Done deal, babe. Kita pergi meni/pedi dengan massass, nak?