Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Day She Turned Six!

Her dad had to be in Johor on her birthday so we started the celebrations a little early. Just two slices of chocolate mud cake and a happy birthday song sang after dinner last night, before daddy had to leave for the trip. It was a good thing that we have shopped for her presents earlier and she got to open them up right after. (what was left of them, really - one was already opened on the day we bought it!) 

Khadra has been counting the days to her birthday since 2 weeks back- got them all marked on the calendar and all.. So, I guess it was kind of a big deal for her. Jadinya, mommy took a day's leave to celebrate the special day today. What was in the original plan was a trip up the Menara KL but it turned out to be:

Half a day of art and fun at MyLil Artist Kids' Workshop.
Ziezi was conducting the school holiday programme so both Khadra and Khaleeq joined in. We made cute clay models and most special of all, batik painting! We got to bring the finished product home to show them off to Atok and dad. 

Next pit stop: KLCC for lunch and another round of pressies. 
Since Ziezi, Naqib and Teyta were joining in the fun; the kids came with me in my MyVi whilst Ziezi was to meet us at the Toys 'R Us there. Seemed like a simple enough plan, right? Not... We were totally thrown ofguard by the barricade that greeted us at the entrance into KLCC parking - Parking dah FULL! Can you believe it? We had to park at The Zon - you know, that hotel where Datuk Siti Nurhaliza announced that she was getting married to Datuk K. Here I was with 4 children and huge DSLR around me neck. We took the scenic walk in the park and took some pictures while we were at it. Well, I guess if you were handed lemons, might as well make lemonades, right? 

Anyhoots, did you know that Baby Alive is the IN toy at the moment? They have them babies in newborn and toddler sizes. Complete with baby carrier, gadgets to make baby feel better, change of outfit, disposable diapers, doll food, doll juice, etc. Nasib baiklah birthday sekali setahun sahaja. Alhamdulillah.. Kalau tak teruk ibu kena ketuk! While waiting for our food at Chili's (which was another looooong wait - Masya Allah ramainya manusia masa cuti sekolah ni), the two girls were busy taking care of them babies. Khadra got the baby on the right today and named her Alexa. (Apakah?) Alexa will be sharing the same birthday as her from now on. :) For having a meal at Chili's on her birthday, she got brownie ala mode with a candle for free. So sweet lah Chili's. Thanks.. 

We also went to the Lego exhibition at the Concourse level. Turned out that the MC was Hanif, Ewa's group of close friends way back from primary school. (Yalah, Sekolah Sri Petaling, mana lagi..) He came up to us to salam and all.. Told him we were out celebrating Khadra's birthday. On our way out he announced, "Bye-bye Khadra!" That shocked look on Khadra's face was priceless! She was like, "I can not believe that MY name got called out and I'm so famous" kinda shocked! So sweetlah with her opened mouth - jaw dropping to the floor kinda opened mouth! Covering her mouth with her right palm and giggling like a little girl. (Wait a minute, she IS a little girl) Anyways, I thought that was sweet of you Hanif, you really made her day!   

Unfortunately, the Menara KL plan had to be dropped. There wasn't enough time left so we chilled at Ziezi's home for a while to let the traffic subside before heading home. Oh, also a big thank you to Ziezi for that lovely pink pull-suitcase. She loves it dearly and all her Baby Alive stuff are safely packed in there! Thanks, sista!  

At home, my facebook status was already filled with bday wishes for my dear girl. Khadra even answered the comment there as well.. hihihihihi.. 
The little princess is already asleep now. I am sure the day has been tiring for her (jalan jauh maa dari The Zon!) Glad you had fun, kiddo. 

Dad will be making up with you guys tomorrow - Have fun darling. You know mommy loves you loads.

-dillz blogging out-


chics said...

Happy Birthday Khadra, you are lucky to have a lovely mummy

Dapat anak patung pulak tuu [tetibe jeles]

dillazag said...

oh thanks aunty chics. kalau nak main Baby Alive, datang la rumah we all; kata si khadra

Along said...

Happy birthday Khadra. May you have lots more to come.

dillazag said...

Khadra said,
Thanks Aunty Along. Happy belated to Kakak Dania too.. :)

the principal said...

Selalu teringat your wedding when you write bout your kids. Rasa cam baru lagilah. Anyway, happy belated bday to Khadra.

My BIL suka celebrate bday kat Chillis coz dpt brownie & staff nyanyi lagu Happy Bday. Aiyoh, malu gaklah coz umur dah 30++. Sungguh tak comel.

munzie said...

kakak, happy birthday!!!! love you!

dillazag said...

Kak Hemy,
It's gonna be seven years this September! Sudah lama, yet feels like semalam only, right? hihihihihihi

Thanks for the birthday wishes. You've always been so thoughtful..

dillazag said...

Hey Munzie,
Thanks for the wishes. Awak tak pernah fail to wish every year, lah.. ;)

Have not seen you around this area for a while. So sweet si Hanif announce her name in KLCC, she really felt like a celebrity! hihihihihi