Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Inikah Dinamakan Perkhidmatan Yang Cekap?

Boleh tak sekejap saya luahkan perasaan tak puas hati di sini? 

Bukan la apa sangat.. Ni ha, si TNB ni.. Diorang hantar kontraktor pemotongan to my house around 12:30pm yesterday. Served the red letter and wanted to cut off our electricity supply. Bibik Parmi tried to stall the man and wanted to call me but he had already cut it off by then and she couldn't get hold of me since our land line uses one of those wireless thingy-ma-bobs that needs electricity to work! Nasib baik my mom in law was at home and she called hubby to tell us about it. 

We apparently owe them RM164.92 (sudah dibetulin bukan seribu lebih, ya.. seratus lebih sahaja) since our last payment dated 1 April 2009. The new bill amounts to 256.82 as at 7 May 2009. So, by now it was mighty obvious that I have been slacking in melangsaikan my electricity bills last month. I can go on and on about why I slacked but that is immaterial at this point. Dutifully so, I have made payments of RM421.75 last Saturday, 30th May 2009. 

My fault entirely for skipping a month's worth of dues. But, maafkan kami, Encik TNB, by the time you came to my house, we have already paid the full amount plus some. Adakah you all tak check whether the bil tertunggak has been paid or not before causing unpleasantries to the whole household as well as the bother to sort this mess out? Point saya yang pertama, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan. 

Okay, okay. Nak buat macam mana, that kontraktor person was just doing his job. Tak potong karang, tak dapat pulak payment. Tapi, kan senang kalau introduce that one simple internal control that has customer-centricity in mind? Customer pun tak marah dan angin tak tentu pasal.. Silalah align your contractor's KPI and payments with that very important element, i.e. customer satisfaction, ya
Anyhoots, the thing that really irked me was how the case was handled that point on. Chronology follows:

Around 1:20pm till 1:45pm
I tried calling the number listed on the serve notice, a 03-788XXXXX number and was greeted with an IVR and was put on hold time and time again by this irritating message:
"Sorry, this extension is busy now. Please press the STAR(*) sign to hold OR dial another extension number. "
*Pause, waiting for your response* 
"Wait a moment. Ting ting ting ti ti ting ting ting...*  
on a, what.. i don't know, maybe 20 second interval. Imagine the whole script repeating every 20 damn seconds. (Yes, it was repeated sooooo many times, I had time to copy down what was EXACTLY said by the IVR)

As soon as you neglect to press that darn STAR(*) sign, you'd be booted off the system. Need to call that number again, darling and the 20 second game cycle begins yet again. After several tries and holding onto the line for a good 25 minutes, I decided that the exercise was futile as the officers or whoever was in charge may well be on their lunch break. So, the mis-adventure restarted after my own lunch.

Around 2:20pm till 2:45pm
Aahh.. the waiting and pressing game begins yet again. What joy! To cut the story short, I got through to a person and clarified the situation. After giving my account number, that person confirmed that they have received payments with the said amount , tanpa perlu any Maybank2u transaction code or the need for me to fax the receipt over. (What does it mean? I reckon the implied meaning would be that the payment is already captured in the system!) So, apakah motif memotong api rumahku kalau system dah capture payment tersebut? Adakah saja nak naikkan darahku and menyusahkan anak2 dan mertuaku yang ada kat rumah tu? Adusss... Sakitnya jiwa kalau fikir... 
Sabar.. Sabar.. kata hati.. 

That particular person promised that the supply will be on again that evening. (without specifying the time. Saya pun tak tanya sebab sakit hati)

Around 4pm 
Hubster called up said number 03-788XXXXX to check up on the status. I was made to understand that the situation got out of control with voice raised coupled with nonchalant attitude and cynical remarks segala
Saya malas nak speculate sebab I wasn't there. 
Main point from this whole drama: They promised that the supply will be on by this evening. And the technician will call us once it is done. 

Around 6pm
Still no call from no TNB technician. Still no electricity supply.
Usaha nak upkan supply diteruskan.
1.Minta tolong my nenek saudara to contact orang berkenaan at the said area to look into the matter. 
2. Called said 03-788XXXXX but to no avail. No answer after sooooooo many tries.  
3.Called 15454 to lodge a formal complaint and enquiry. Add to that my sister's insistance and plead to the call agent to speed up the process since there were only little kids at home and my mom in law. We went with the please, please help us approach. The call agent however did say that their policy for penyambungan is between 5:30 and 10:30pm. That's the policy. 
My own take on that: Apa punya policy yang nak suruh orang tunggu berjam-jam utk sambung semula when we have already paid the amount in full plus some? Arrrgggghhhh!!! 

Another waiting game. 

But, alhamdulillah, when we got home by 7.10pm; the electricity supply was back up again.  At last..  Sooo kesian tengok Khaleeda drenched in her sweat - her hair was like dripping wet. So unnecessary.. :(

Malas nak elaborate and think lagi. Need to get this off my system. 

OK. Done. Let's move on!

-dillz blogging out-


Anonymous said...

RM1624.92!!!! eh nape aku nyer RM180 pun sudah dapat surat cinta kaler merah? tak aci la mcm ni.

~cik ros

the principal said...

Mine - the highest RM45, itupun hubby bising. So, kalau RM1600+++ tu lebih kurang penggunaan 35 bulan...

Bila call TNB tu cuba bg tau, "hei! ini anak Datuk Zack tau"...mcm my hubby kalau rumah we all takde elektrik, he introduces himself "...saya dari Legal Dept TNB.." (mcm besar sgt pangkat dia)...somehow it works..

dillazag said...

Did i say RM1624.92?
Sorry adik-kakak, I meant to type RM164.92.
Maaf ya , menimbulkan kontroversi.. Saya betulkan typo ini dalam entry dengan segera... :)~~

dillazag said...

cik ros,
lilek na.. bil aku tu tertunggak seratus enam puluh empat. bukan seribu lebih...
tidak ada favouritism dlm kes saya..
tapi, agaknya, corporation or kilang yang hutang beribu-ribu lemon tu dapat tak surat cinta merah kita tu??????

dillazag said...

Kak Hemy,
Maleh nak name drop sapa-sapa punya nama and diorang pun dah pencen.Terbatuk tersedak pulak karang.. ;)~~~

Tapi, when my sister took the phone to speak to 15454, diorang menunjukkan reaksi positif sebab she seemed like she knows how the operation works, thus menunjukkan bahawa dia mungkin 'org dalam'.. So, yeah.. I agree that they respond better that way..

Aznita@Terk said...

ye K.Dill...guna je kabel 33KV itewww untuk berurusan dgn TNB yg terchinta...tak yah call direct..TNB is in your blood.hehe

MimY HaMiD said...

wah ku bikin 4 angka..nk terjojol gak biji mata ..giler nya penggunaan elektrik..ropanya 3 angka aje...kak dilla, kena wat audit la...ehhe buleh...

Nic said...

Dillz, i have worst experience with TNB, in fact 3 times. Paling teruk http://strawberryglazed.blogspot.com/2008_11_01_archive.html and recently masa nak pasang letrik (wah sunggoh Lembaga Letrik Negara) rumah baru pun sama, rumah kat PJ, tp distribution area kepong.. so, kitorang pun ulang alik kepong-pj. and my hubby mmg regular receipient red letter tu sbb bil kedai dobi mmglaaaa tak penah bawah RM100. at that time, i tot that eii kalau jadi Dilla mesti tak macam nie.. kekek tak sangka hari nie baca posting yang serupa.

dillazag said...

33kV? hihihihihihihi
tak sangup aku.. malu nak mintak tolong...

dillazag said...

tula.. saya setuju sebenarnya.. diorang kena audit proses diorang ni..

dillazag said...

I feel for you dear but, i was laughing out loud on the rounding up thing, photocopy thing and the pakcik cendol jual hasil setem thing..
Kita serupa la nampaknya...

Amy said...

Meh hug kasik cool..I have cushioning effect tauu :P

dillazag said...

Hey Ames...
thanks dear.. I am better now, dah satu hari round kampung masa birthday Khadra..

Yan said...

did they offer you anything in return for this fault of theirs?? bagik free electricity sebulan ke ape..sungguh kureng!! isk...

dillazag said...

You think? Sure lah takde.. :)
Bukannya nak suruh kasi free pun.. Cuma cepat-cepatla sedikit bertindak abang-abang oi..