Thursday, June 25, 2009

La la la la Kerja

Been away from the office for a while . I took leave Wednesday and Thursday day last week. Had to take additional leave to tend for the sick kids from Friday last week till yesterday. I have been up since Khadra's last nebulizer intake early this morning to pack up all the stuff for her discharge today. Wanted to squeeze some report writing as well. That was the plan.

My report writing progress was quite good the first day, but it dwindled down severely thereafter. I guess there's just something about being in a hospital that makes you feel a little woozy, a little lazy and a little sleepy. Everytime Khadra takes a nap, mommy is right there beside her taking a nap too. :) Then, there's the other issue on the 24X7 air-cond thing. I have sinus and it seems that the nose has been running a full-marathon these past few days. Not very pleasant with the sok sek-ing. I feel like my energy and the very essence of my being is being sucked away from me, bit-by-bit. Adalah penat. Sangat penat.

Need to bring the game on though. There's much to do to meet the deadline. Looks like many hours of hard work ahead. Many, many loong hours. My tired body needs to be able to withstand more physical and mental torture. Hmm.. This is starting to sound like an excellent excuse for a good massage.

-dillz blogging out-


kucingorengemok said...

sikkkiitt lagi- is what i keep telling myself every thursday. besok dah jumaat, everybody coasts on fridays :) well except those yang kena buat report lah. but still, lepas tu dah weekend :) hang in there.

dillazag said...

agreed on the sikiiit lagi nak weekend. tapinya, weekend la masa nak buat report! hahahaha - so pathetic takde life!