Saturday, June 20, 2009

One is Up and About!

From that sad looking image, glad to report that Khaleeda is already up and about; in this case: peek-a-booing! Yes, she is doing much better, thanks.

Masalah problemnya, Khadra pulak dah demam. It always comes in a string of events, doesn't it? One after another. Khadra is an easy prey, pulak tu. She has always had bad tonsils which makes her that much more susceptible to fevers, flus and such. If there's a bug around the house, she'll surely get it. Poor girl.. What's worse, it is normally accompanied by vomitting. Had two bouts of vomitting last night and another one this morning. Last I checked, the temperature is at 38.7C. Still high, but she's had her brekkie and ubat. Sekejap-sekejap kena sponge her down. Slapped another KoolFever on her forehead too. So kesian. She was lying down in the middle of my dad's living room when I left her for work at about 11am just now. (Not the compulsory kind of work, just a few of us getting together on a Saturday to finish off our reporting! - I took 3 days leave so I have to buck up and deliver on my weekend. :( Sad, eh? )

In the midst of all this, I discovered a newfound respect for single mothers all around. Imagine taking care of your ailing kids all on your own. Even more so if you don't have Bibik(s) to help you out. The late nights nursing them, dealing with vomit, tukar cadar, giving medicine on time, not having enough sleep, tending to their needs - nak airlah, tak nak makanlah; making sure they are comfortable - not too cold, not too hot.. Adoila... By the end of it, you are just soo tired, you just tak larat nak buat anything anymore. But, life still needs to go on. You have a job you need to go to. Other kids need to go to school. It does not matter that you did not a good night's sleep.. Try to couple that with another child falling sick! It's endless.. I could only imagine. I mean, Azrul wasn't around for these, what? 3 days? and I am already in a mess..

On a good note, though, hubster will be back today! Am picking him up at Sentral later this evening. Yee-ha! No, Kak Shana, I don't have to wait till Isnin Malam Selasa! Thank God!

-dillz blogging out-


Azrul Ahmad said...

Hey, I am at the lounge now waiting (while eating of course). Flight's at 6.45pm Indo time. Guess I'll be touching down at 9.45pm. It'll at least be another hour before I reach Mak Anjang's. So see u around 11 k?

dillazag said...

Am still at work! :( Looks like an all-nighter as well. May even have to come back tomorrow to ramp up my report! *Sheesh*

Nampak gaya OP-PP pun I have to sit out. Can't wait till you get home! *ish, drama la pulak*

sue said... adorable and cute...anakku (bukan anakku..)

dillazag said...

tak lama lagi, anakmu pun akan berkata-kata jua.. ;)