Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend ke tak Weekend ni?

It's Sunday. I am already feeling the heat. Not just from the weather, No No No.. I have quite a lot on my plate, actually. I have a report due from the previous assignment, currently undergoing a new one and will be on a special assignment with the Big Boss the next week! hihihihihi..

So, I have been slotting work time during the weekend; going to the office with some other last-minute report writers (Hi guys!!) till night-time. Even our 2nd Boss and his wife came over to bring some donuts and hotdogs as morale booster. (Sweet, tak?) Then, the numerous Master bedroom lock-in sessions to get some peace and quiet from the blaring Playhouse Disney or Cartoon Network channels in the living room. Nampak gayanya, si kecik Khaleeda would have to sleep in the kids' room tonight since I would be putting in another 4am shift tomorrow morning. What joy! Am soo looking forward to that. (Not!!)

Oh, Khadra's joining me in my session now. She has 3 homework to finish by tomorrow morning. Haha.. Last minute jugak macam mummy dia. They start off soo young nowadays.. :)~~

Hubby promised a date to minum-minum after this shift. Yeay! Thanks, yang.. I'd better get to back to the report now. Right after I get that Oreo from the kitchen.

-dillz blogging out-


Anonymous said...

akak la pekerja mithali, wife mithali & mak mithali of the month!

tahniah :)

*bag tu akak boleh tanya mino & en penganjur samsul namnya.

~cik ros

dillazag said...

cik ros,

waaa... perli ka? :) hihihihihihi

BTW, saya dah pergi tengok dah the sale kat bawah opis ni. banyak dia potong woo.. ada sampai 50% bagai.. :)