Sunday, June 14, 2009

Berpoya-poya di Waktu Malam

Got myself a new dress last Thursday to go to the Oxbridge Boatrace mayBall last night. TM was one of the main sponsors so we got a table for the dragon boat team.

The place was really posh this year - it was held at the Bankers Club in Jalan Imbi. My first ever visit, so I was quite jakun. The last two years where I attended, it was always done at the Marquee, Carcosa Seri Negara. I didn't waste much time as soon as we got there and got my face drawn by some caricature artist (I thought the drawing of me looked more like a she-man. hihihi) There was also a snake artist performence where the snake charmer kissed and danced and put them snakes into his mouth before we were ushed into the dining hall.

Since it was, after all, the 50th celebration of Oxbridge Malaysia as a society, they went all out and the do went pretty smoothly thanks to the lovely Yuh Yng. She really is a one woman wonder , all packed into one tiny YY. Great job as always, YY! There were also special presentations from the previous presidents sharing their memories of the society. The montage on the five years history of the Malaysian Boat Race was a delightful surprise too. At least it showed that we won the dragon boat race in the previous two years despite losing it this year. hihihi..
Food was good. Can't believe I really enjoyed the Ceasar's Salad on pappadom! The entree was delicious, chicken breast with bread crumbs on some sesame and mustard thingy-ma-bob, I couldn't remember , exactly, the name was a mouthful! Dessert was yummy apple crumble with vanilla ice-cream.

While all these were happening, I was already stressed out over the Table Quiz questions. We had to get enough questions right in order to escape the humiliation of being last and face the scorn of the other diners. So, throughout dinner each and every table member was tasked to find the answers for the three question categories: Places (colleges in Oxford and Cambridge), Pictures (movies or tv series partly or fully filmed in Oxford and Cambridge) and People (famous alumnus of Oxford and Cambridge). Good to know that Lily Cole was from Cambridge -she really is one hot babe!

Yes, this was the actual picture of Lily Cole on the quiz question.
"Excuse me miss. Your titties are almost spilling out here!"
(Picture credit: here )

Thankfully Google provided us with enough right answers to appear at the middle of the lot at the end! Pheww!

The friendly bantering during the toasts was as delightful as ever. Ms Darina Yusoff toasted to Cambridge for Oxford while Dr. George Lee a.k.a. Dr. Loooove toasted to Oxford for Cambridge. I thought Dr. Loooove got the audience's vote with his charm and confidence! Good on ya, Doc!

Regretfully, pictures of the actual dinner will have to be uploaded later since I didn't want to look like a photographer lugging my bulky A350 around. Wait for it. I promise you it won't be disappointing! :( (Gosh, I really need a good compact, soon!*Updated*)

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