Sunday, March 29, 2009

In Darkness and In Light

Date? 28 March 2009
Day? Saturday
Time? 8:30pm till 9:30pm

It was Earth Hour and we decided to turn off the lights in our home and take a more scenic route to my mom's house. The side-tracking got us to Menara TM (so proud of you, baybeh!), the top of Jalan Bukit Pantai (to catch a glimpse of KLCC and Menara KL), onto SPRINT highway and then LDP all the way to Puchong.

It's good to see all the major buildings turning off their lights for Earth Hour - we made a stop near Menara TM to catch it on our DSLR. Hubster got quite some good shots of it. (*Updated!*) We also tried to capture KLCC and Menara KL from a distance but the camera failed us; it was that dark! :)

Good job guys.. It's a start..

Alrighty then, one night is done, everybody (or so) turned off their lights for an hour. So, what next? While waiting for Earth Hour 2010, I was just wondering what else I could do to help save Mother Earth and found some Tips to Save the Earth as below:

1.Turn off your light: As my mom and dad always says, "Tutup lampu tu..." Ikut cakap orang tua, kay.. They know what they are talking about.. There's also those energy saving lights that are more expensive to buy, but in the long run can save you some bucks and save the Earth some life! If I could recall correctly, Maya Karin gave out the Osram energy saving lightbulbs as a trinket for her Malaysian wedding reception. How cool is that?

My mom-in-law, on the other hand, goes one better. She literally switches off every single equipment in the house that utilizes electricity everytime she leaves the house for a short visit to her children's place. (short = minimum of overnight stay) Yes, even the refridgerator is not spared. So, sweet, kan?

2. Running faucet: Everyone can do this coz it's soooo easy. You just need to be concious about it. Just turn off the running faucet when you brush your teeth or when you are lathering the soap for your facial wash. Apparently, if you leave the water running for two minutes, you waste up to ten gallons of water.

3. Carry cloth shopping bags: I remember those green bags to be only RM1.00 when they first introduced them some 2/3 years ago. Now, they are selling at RM3.50 (or more) but that's not the point here. The point is, when you use your cloth shopping bag, there is less and less need to produce the plastic shopping bags that are non-biodegradable. Non-biodegradable = BAD for the Earth.

4. Recycle: This is an old song to sing. "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.. It's easy to do..." Everyone knows that we can recycle paper, plastics, glass and aluminium. Thing is, it is such a chore to do, to separate your trash and stuff. Then, we'd have to pick it up ourselves to the nearest recycling centre. If it's too much for you to do, start small.. I am starting with my non-trash - my old magazines and oooooold newspaper.... There's a recycling campaign going on at the office and the first batch will be sent on 3rd of April 2009. Plus, every kg of recycleable item will be worth some sen. I might as well get some money doing it, eh?

Will leave you with a little video snippet of our night ride.. So, how did your night go?

-dillz blogging out-


ajezack said...

Bibik takyah kene yeay for Earth gak ker? hehehe.. sian dia dok tunggu turn..

Rajin ko ek k. dills mengupdate.. keep up the performance..ahaks

dillazag said...

Aje --> Dia selalu macam tu, Sengih-sengih.. Suka, la tu... hihihihi..

Aku dah malas jadi malas.. Kengkonon, nak jadi rajin sekarang.. Tapi, tengok past performance, habit Hangat-Hangat Tahi Ayam tu, susah nak buang.. Kita tengok la macam mana.. hihihihihi

kay said...

k dillz..
i boleh lupa earth hr that day n pegi kedai x tutup lampu at home hehe. bila blk, amazed je tgk almost all apt shut off lights except for mine n 2-3 umat yg tegar!

btw yer mil sgt impressive, siap shut off fridge. dia pi psr daily ke?

-saya yg ada mcm2 shites in d fridge-

dillazag said...

My mom yang dok suruh tutup lampu memanjang tu, masa Earth Hour, I called her.. "Ibu, tutupla lampu, dah Earth Hour ni.." Her reply was, "Lantakla dia.. Ramai orang kat rumah ni..." We were conggregating to prepare for my nephew's aqiqah.. hihihihihi

My mom-in-law akan tutup every single thing kalau dia overnight somewhere.. She'll bring the barang2 to her children's place to makan - the daging, ikan,ayam and such. I think she is more afraid that the fridge will blow up or something in her absence, kot. So sweet, kan?

Amy said...

I did turn off the lights, but I watched TV la..:). Eh, did you remove one post before this ?

dillazag said...

Takde pun remove apa-apa.. Macam biasa je babe..

Nomy Yahya said...


Lama tak mem'blogger'kan diri and lama tak baca blog kengkawan byk yg kite tinggal huuhuhuhuh...

Kite dah beria2 nak 'earth hour' la konon, pastu Hani (ingat tak?) datang rumah ngan anak2 dia. Mcm mana la nak ber'earth hour' hehhehe... But I did after that from 9.15 till morning... Kira tak? hehheheheh

dillazag said...

Saya ni pun baru-baru je bergerak aktif.. Semangat giller ni ha..

Asal tutup, tak kiralah pukui berapa. Yang penting , niat kena betul..

BTW, Hani yang mana yang dimaksudkan, babe?


i was at avillion at that time. very disappointed with the management for not taking part in earth hour although depa ada distribute flyers to the room regarding switching off room lights during the hour.

tapi segala mak bapak lampu still on during that time. aku tanya kat manager, why tak switch off non-essential lights? his lame reply "takut nanti guests marah".

aparah! geram aku dengar. i'm sure the guests wouldn't mind at all. in fact, they'd be more than happy to participate.

in fact, satu pd terang benderang time tu. sket pun takde conscience nak switch off.

so yeah, i'm pretty disappointed with pd and their residents. no effort at all on their part. next year punye earth hour, aku nak dok rumah je. then only will i be sure that everything is switched off. actually skarang pun rumah aku gelap gelita. try to do my part to save the earth :)

Nomy Yahya said...

Hani Adyanti Block A tu la... prefect gak hehehhe.... ingat?

dillazag said...

Noresh -- takut guest marah? Apa cer? Lame nya excuse... Ish ish ish.. But still, Avillion tu memang best for the kids, kan?

Nomy -- Hani Adyanti tu saya tahu sangat.. I think she married Old Boy (RMC) batch lakiku.. ;)