Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pillow Talk

A disturbing conversation overheard in the household last night:

Khaleeq was caught red-handed withOUT his pants and underpants on our King-sized bed. With his Heatblast (one of Ben-10's alien) action figure in his left hand.
Mom: Khaleeq, what are you doing? *shocked. gasping*
Khaleeq: Nothing..
Mom: What are you doing with Heatblast?
Khaleeq: 'coz.. 'coz.. It's like a trampoline.. (referring to his testicles)
Mom: Gosh, Khaleeq.. Get your pants on..
Khaleeq: Oh.. OK..

Oh my.. Oh my.. Oh my..
Exploration is a good thing, I guess.
Don't know whether to laugh or to be shocked. Looking back it really is quite hillarious.
My little boy is all grown up. Do we have to start telling him about the birds and the bees already? He's not even 5 yet..

I guess we'll start with the bird, first. ;) (Shouting out: B, kerja you ni....)

Picture credits: Heatblast and trampoline

-dillz blogging out-


kucingorengemok said...

oppsss... trampoline? apakaaahhh? hahaha.

dillazag said...

Yes, dear.. dia siap buat aksi-aksi lompat atas trampoline lagi..
giller tahan gelak lah masa lecture tu.. :)

Amy said...

Aduihh Khaleeq...tak rasa senak ke dia?:P

~Sasha Farina~ said...

*grins* nak gelak ke nak nangis.. ntah la kan? heeeheee

dillazag said...

tu la pasai... hihihihi

i opted for number one. hihihihi

MimY HaMiD said...

alala khaleeq mcm2 kelakar

D.N.A.S said...

My children, sebab dua2 orang lelaki, maka mereka memang selalu melakukan pelbagai aksi separa lucah..... lagi tak sanggup tengok.
Donno what kind of experiment they're taught by the other kids at school but they like to compare their birds early in the morning (ye lah, masa tu kan mesti ada erection bila bangun tido). Memang tak senonoh, I tell you.
Everytime they get an erection, they would announce it to the whole word. They thought it's magic.
Last weekend one of them asked me what is 'rogol'. They heard it during the 8pm news on TV. Susah soalan tuuuuu.... bapak diorang pun tak reti nak explain.

dillazag said...

terkesima kejap masa tangkap dia malam tu..hihihihihi

dillazag said...

nasib baik la dia baru 5 tahun.. saya mintak sgt2 kak Dayang post cerita2 anak teruna you berdua tu on your blog supaya i get forewarned! hihihihihihi