Monday, March 30, 2009

Second Place Winner Is The First Loser

The Oxbridge Malaysia Boat Race 2009 was concluded by 1:00pm on Sunday, 29th March 2009. This is the third time TM has sponsored the race and also marked the third time I have screamed and shouted and whacked that drum at the stern of the dragon boat.

Reminiscing the yester-years, we won first place in the the Dragon Boat challenge both in 2007 and 2008. Aaaahh... Those were the days... When the crew were fitter and more muscular and I was slightly lighter. hihihihihi

For 2009, we participated in the "Best of the Best" Double Kayak Race and also the sponsor's Dragon Boat challenge. TM team emerged 2nd in both events. Only thing was, there were 6 kayaks in the first challenge and there were only two teams participating in the second. hihihihi.. Second in a 2-way race, equals to NOT winning the challenge, ye adik-kakak... hihihihi

Am not really gonna dwell on the past. Gotta be a man (woman) and suck it up. Just need to learn from our mistakes and improve in next year's race. Watch out Deloitte, we will be back with a vengence! The Challenge trophy will be ours once again.. (Ish, semangat la pulok... )

Results of the other events?
The Light Blues won the double scull race (Historical moment as Oxford has always won in previous years)
The Dark Blues won the coxed four sweep (as usual..)

Till next year then.. Oh, but the milkshake we had to mend our broken hearts after that was still heavenly.. hihihi

-dillz blogging out-

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