Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Baby Girl Turned TWO!

My baby girl, Khaleeda turned TWO last Saturday.

Felt like it was just yesterday when I announced that I was pregnant with her and everyone was chipping in ideas for her name , my pregnancy stories , a sneak preview of her 3-d scan and finally documenting her grand entrance into the world on 7 November 2007. :)

Sigh. How time flies.

My dearest Khaleeda, my oh my have you grown..

I think her speech development is way more advanced than her elder siblings. She is able to hold a comprehensible dialogue, now. The funny ways she refers to the everyday items- Ice.Co.Wa for Iced Cold Water *Serious*, Khalit vs Khaleeq, Bibit vs Bibik..

Her dancing and singing? Forget about it. She ADORES Miley Cyrus and Zee Avi. She can sing to the tunes of Poppy, and the OST of Hannah Montana: The Movie. She is the ultimate Drama Queen. She recites scripts of her favourite Dora, Barney and Hi-5 DVDs.

I am super proud of her fondness to perform the Solat. Always there by my side when I am performing mine. Such a penyebok. :)

Best of all, she literally jumps up for joy, welcoming us into our home when we come tired everyday. That never fails to lift up my spirits EVERY time. Her incessant hugging and kissing - she really is a beautiful , lovable child inside and out.

You know what they always say.. Time zooms by when you are having fun. :)

After her siblings' concert in Shah Alam, we decided to bring the whole audience (those related saja, ya) for a little makan-makan at Chili's, Bangsar Shopping Centre. After all, it is their favourite makan spot AND Kids Eat Free with every Adult entree' AND the birthday girl would get a brownie ice cream dessert Free-Of-Charge. It'd just be absurd to pick any other venue, right? :)

We went home after the long siesta and changed to go to Zera's Safari party back in Shah Alam. We figured since we are not doing a big do for her this year, might as well let her have some fun at other people's party, right?

Thing was, we arrived late at the party. So, the clown had already wrapped up his stuff and the face painting had also stopped. It didn't deter the kids from having fun, though.

Khaleeda made new friends over at Zera's. Khadra was happily busy making her Sand Arts. Khaleeq? Well, he was blowing bubbles and running and slipping and got a bump on his head along with some bloody nose. Aish la anak jantan sorang ni..

All in all, it was a really tiring Saturday and they all slept like a log that night.

Here's a picture of Khaleeda on her born day.
Doesn't that make you feel like wanting to have another baby? hihihihihi

-dillz blogging out-



happy birthday khaleeda!! you know your mommy loves you very much. semoga menjadi anak yang solehah.

babe, go ahead and have the next baby. i know you want to hehhehehe...

dillazag said...

sekarang ni lah pulak rasa tak ready.. but that biological clock is ticking louder and louder in my head! how lah?