Monday, November 09, 2009

Cuci The Musical - Were you there?

I was. And we have pictures to prove it! :)


We went to the 8:30pm show on Tuesday, 3rd of November 2009. It was the last week of the show and the auditorium was pretty full, save for the side seats. I went to the movie screening last year (apparently NOT with hubby - was it with you, Cik Ros?) and as the show went along, I thought they did quite a good job interpreting it into a play for the stage.

They also had English subtitles for the show. So, when you see the subtitles NOT moving, you'd know that there were some pretty funny ad-libs going on. There were times when the casts were laughing themselves to stitches too. I loved the show - it was 3 hours plus of laughing out loud.. They did an awesome job! Afdlin, AC and Awie were great as usual - with the acting AND the singing. Especially liked Awie's character , so unlike his Sembilu days. That man can really laugh at himself! :) Hans was surprisingly good with the singing, plus this is his brainchild. So, well done there! Vanida (I think the original cast was Erra as CJ, right? Ingat-ingat lupa lak) was excellent too and so was Adibah Noor and Harith and Reefa and that Tan Sri guy. BTW, the choreography was by Stephen *Hang Tuah* Rahman-Hughes. Really...

So, to me it was simply the icing on the cake when I got autographs of the main casts (except AC) and also a hug and a pose from Adibah Noor! Yeay!

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Along said...

If not for my insane hatred for Awie, I would have gone too. Seriously, I just have it in for that dude!!!

ps: I [heart] Afdlin and Adibah Noor.

kucingorengemok said...

waaah, semua orang suka CTM... kita tak tengok, but i thought the original movie was kinda bland

Zaznuriah said...

i did and loved it! :)

dillazag said...

I NEVER used to like him either. The stereotype of his Yusof Haslam movies - Mat rempit poyo, pandai gaduh and sangka bagus tu.. Ewww! But, my perception totally turned 180degrees after him filming in Afdlin's movies. Case in point: Baik Punya Cilok. Brilliant! :) So, I say.. NEVER say NEVER! ;)

Agreed dear. The original movie was rather bland. But still managed a few laughter from me. I guess the thrill and surprise of a LIVE performance is the ad-libs that they bring into it. Totally unexpected and sangat kelakar. You could tell they were surprised by it too.. At one point, Awie put his head in his shirt nak cover gelak. :) Serious! Do catch it if they have a rerun.. :)

Zaza: Hey, there lovely.. Glad you enjoyed it.. BTW, we bumped into MelEsme on the day of our viewing. :)

D.N.A.S said...

Huwaaaaa tak sempat tengok. Budak-budak busy dengan exam.

I heard it's much better than the movie. Movie dia tak best sebab ada Erra Fazira. Hahahaha. Saya tak suka Erra.

kenwooi said...

oh.. i didnt know about this musical.. =)

dillazag said...

It was Erra, wasn't it? Masa tu dia cintan-cintun dengan hans kan? hihihihihi

Oh My! Where have you been? hihihihihi
It's too late, now. Maybe when they stage the re-run, then? (I mean IF they do)

Melissa said...

we had fun didnt we! heee~

Dilla said...

Oh yes! That we did!!