Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Waste Of Time? Says Who?

I always find that the more I blog, the more productive is my day. Of course, when I say "the more I blog", I do mean moderately more. (Ya la, kot ya pun banyak blog, berpada-pada lah jugak... Ye dak? )

It's just that I have a lot of things on my plate -
  • Work-wise, I have pending report(s) nak kena buat, fieldwork pun nak kena buat. Other expectations like training, web learning, peer feedbacks -- all coming with their own deadlines.
  • On the personal front, hubby, Khadra, Khaleeq, Khaleeda, family, relatives, Bibik, friends and of course self.
  • Add on to that our latest acquisition in the form of the condo next door - nak pikir pasal SNP, laywer, loan, tebuk tembok, house flow and layout, interior design, furniture and fittings, current state of mess the house we are living in...
Memang la banyak benda nak buat, banyak benda nak pikir. For me the key to this is to JUST DO IT. Sounds sangat cliche, tapi, betullah orang Nike tu cakap. I need to be active, doing things - not just think about doing it, and add more serabut to my head. In fact for the past few days, I have been very very productive. Lots of tasks have been checked off my to-do list. Another key is to break it down to manageable, bite size portions, with its own deadlines. Add to that loads of breaks, to refocus and increase the productivity even more! :)

So, in conclusion, I need to find my own means to let off steam. Kata kena break, kan? hihihihihihi Among my favourites are;
  1. Going for my beauty and relaxation rituals : massage, facial, meni/pedi, threading and waxing hair off selected areas of my face/body (ni tak relaxing, more like menyakitkan but needs to be done. hihihihi)
  2. Reading books : I always felt like I do not have the time to read anything other than work or exam related stuff. But, for 2009 I have completed quite an exhaustive list of books. Among others include The Time Traveler's Wife, the Twilight series (yes, all 4 of them), The Little Prince, the Alchemist, etc etc.. Currently, I am reading The Lost Symbol. :) (Look at my Book Bar on the right hand side) Not bad, right?
  3. Singing: Karaoke is my fave! We used to go out a lot more while Ki was around. Now, it's limited to the quarterly outings with my office buddies.
  4. Vacations: Beach ones, city ones, overseas.. I love staying in a good hotel and exploring new places. Very therapeutic to me. :)
  5. Retail theraphy: Shopping? hihihihihi.. I'd be mad not to LOVE it! New handbag, new clothes, new shoes, new lingerie... Even shopping for the kids counts! :)
  6. Watching movies / plays : We would normally watch the movie of interest the week they are being shown. Saje.. Thrill.. :) Recently, we have also been frequenting Istana Budaya to watch the local productions. Case in point - CUCI the Musical! Wowza!
  7. Blogging : Ya, saya berhasrat menjadi seorang blogger tegar. Seriously though, I find writing relaxing and it's perfect for the in-between focus! Moreover, it's FREE.
In other words, please let me be. I am more productive this way. Who says we need to work 24/7 without a care in this world? One needs to balance work and life. Karang malam, saya stay uplah buat report, okay? Janganlah dengki if I seem to have more fun than you! Hish!

Then, maybe it's just applicable to me, maybe it's not. What about you?

-dillz blogging out-


kenwooi said...

blogging is fun =)

dillazag said...

Have to agree with you there. kenwooi! :)

che' nah said...

*dgn muka motherly sambil angguk2 kepala dgn perlahan*

that's right. you just go on right along and have fun my dear. i shall wake you up when there is the need to... :P

dillazag said...

Weh, aku tengah stay up ni.. 5 issues nak kena tulis malam ni...
facebook pun tak bukak wooooooo....
Ni tengah break sekejap *dengan muka tak bersalah*


yes, fun is good! when you let off all the steam in you, you tend to be a better person to everyone and in everything. betui dak?! betul la labu! hehehhe...

dillazag said...

yes, better mom, better wife, better employee!
two thumbs up, noresh!

-LaiLa- said...

suka kak dilla punya motto :). dari pikir nak buat ke tidak, baik terus buat kan? tak yah buang masa. biar menyesal buat dari menyesal tak buat (eh betul ke ni?) hehehehe

Didie said...

Keep on blogging Kak Dilla. I love reading ur stories ;-) I agree with you, makin banyak benda nak buat, makin produktif dan cergas!!

Amy said...

Yeay for Kak Dilla.. :)

dillazag said...

Betul.. betul.. betul..
Baik menyesal buat dari tak try langsung, kan?

You know me lah. Never care what people say one.. hihihihihi...

Yes lah! Bila mau makan-makan, ek?