Friday, November 20, 2009

Reading Regime for Khaleeq

Remember the stack of books I loaned from the school to aid in Khaleeq's reading? Thank God that we loaned them as we were told that a complete set would burn RM300 plus in our pocket. *Phew*

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Well, there are 18 books in three difficulty levels. Jenuhla weh... A quick run through of the GINN Reading 360 System.

Level 2
These books have big fonts with around 1-7 words to a sentence. Very easy-going for the eyes and great start for beginner-readers. The plan is to get Khaleeq to finish all 6 books by next weekend, 29th November 2009. It should not be too difficult as he has already read 2 of them before. It's more of a challenge to me to dedicate enough time to coax and teach him. (Oh, my temper! Yes, it gets REALLY challenging) But, I have decided to dedicate at least an hour a day for him for this cause. I have also promised him that he will be able to buy a new Tom and Jerry Series VCD if he accomplish this task. (Cheap prezzie, I know. hihihihi) We'll see how well this goes and the milestone has been set. The titles for this level are:
1. Liz and Digger
2. Can we help?
3. I can hide
4. Can you?
5. Come for a ride
6 Ben and the duck

Level 3

The going gets tougher here. There are multiple sentences in a page and the font has become somewhat smaller. But, the characters are still familiar - Digger the dog, Liz and Ben, Mom and Dad. :) So, it helps the kid a lot. they also introduce a lot of new words (and animals) here. By now his vocabulary (more like familiar words) would have grown somewhat and by the end of it he would be able to intelligently guess unfamiliar words. I hope. *fingers crossed* Taking into account that we only have till end of December to complete ALL levels, I have decided to attempt level 3 in the first 2 weeks of December. 14 days for 6 books. The end date falls nicely before we go off to a family vacation in *an undisclosed location* hihihihihi.. Lepas penat kerja, perlu ada habuannya, kan? I hope he keeps his motivation and drive up till this point. :) The titles in this level are:
1. Don't run away!
2. Digger at school
3. A duck is a duck
4. Horses
5. Picnic for Tortoise
6. Lost and found

Level 4
Aahh.. Here's where it really tests whether he has been memorizing or he his really able to read by himself. The words are even smaller now. With about two paragraphs in a page and we have about 3 weeks to tackle it. My take to this level is more like we'll see how far we can go,lah. If by then he is really able to read, it would not be a problem to Khaleeq already. He'd breeze though it. I'll just keep the expectations realistic though. Kesian kat dia. In any case, the bounty is menarik! We promised him the Megatron Animated figure yang besar tu. Kasi chan la sama itu budak.. :)
Oh btw, the titles in this level are:
1. At the zoo
2. Helicopters
3. Animal tales
4. What a surprise!
5. Animal friends
6. Once upon a time

Which reminds me , need to get a nice stack of readables to perkasakan Khadra's Bahasa Melayu too. Hmmm.. Where to get, ah?

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kucingorengemok said...

buku bm lagi senang beli online, i think... try for buku² dbp, kualiti bahasa lagi terjamin

dillazag said...

Yeay! Makacih KOG! :)
Saya akan cuba online store itu..