Thursday, November 19, 2009

Welcome to the Club!

We are in! We are in!
In where, you ask?
Why, Kelab Golf Negara Subang, of course! :)

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Good thing about the club is that there are plenty of outlets serving food. And they are not at all pricey. I already got my SPOUSE membership card semalam. So, bolehlah entertain kawan-kawan kat sini nanti.. I sign, Azrul bayar.. hihihihihi (Perasan tai-tai)

Nak kena fmiliarize with what we can do there, for me and for the familylah pullok, other than golf for Azrul, that is.. Among the facilities offered:
  • Sporting Facilities - They have a gym (complete with gym instructors at designated times hahahaha NO MORE EXCUSES, FATSO!), Aerobics, Yoga, some dance classes, squash, table tennis, swimming, tennis, tai chi and tae-kwan-do.
  • Recreational Facilities - Library (would be the perfect place for me to study my CIA, loh!) , Fruit Machine (ini apa?), snooker and card room.
  • Other Facilities - Pro shop, hair salon, car wash, convenience shop and foot reflexology centre. (Wah! I loike!)
Looks like we would be hanging out there often now. It's good that they have proper classes / coaching for swimming, tennis etc. Could enrol the kids in it while I check out the foot reflexology centre! hihihihi I remember when I was yee-high (pointing to my waist) , us, adik-beradik , would hang out at Lake Club attending swimming lessons, going to library and all that. I guess it has now come to a full circle. Now, my kids are able to do that pulak. :)

-dillz blogging out-


ms ngantuk said... tu! tp situ food dia mmg sedap n x mahal. aii lg lah awak update psl mkn sedap2 ehh :)

dillazag said...

Tu lah pasai... Hihihihi.. Camana lah nak kurus ni... Tunggu bebudak pegi class / activities, sure mummy kena makan, kan? Takkan nak tunggu saja... je! Hihihi.. (actually mummy cld go to the library to study for her cia or go to the gym or aerobics class. But, mummy MALAS!)

azrul ahmad said...

Can't wait to start playing there next week :)))

dillazag said...

yeah. don't forget to lug the Bag Buddy I *kena paksa* beli for you too.. Kurus la sikit, tak boleh naik buggy.. hihihihihi

Amy said...

KGNS...dekat dgn KJ tu..ajak la I dgn cik ros :)

dillazag said...

Boleh.. Boleh..
Biar saya explore dulu tempat tu. Nanti karang kita sosat lak dalam tu.