Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beaconhouse's Got Talent Live! 2009

The main thing the elder two were practicing for has finally arrived. We loaded the car bright and early and headed for Dewan MBSA in Shah Alam. Khadra and Khaleeq were having their annual concert. On top of that, Khadra was also part of the graduating class from Beaconhouse Bangsar. The morning session was a combination event for 4 schools; Subang Jaya, Jalan Gasing, Klang and of course, Bangsar. The afternoon session would be for Seri Petaling and Puchong. Personally, I thought there were too many kids there and could not understand for the life of me why Klang was not put in the afternoon session since their show was completely separate from the three other schools anyways. Just seems like a load balancing act gone awry. Aaaannnyways...

We dropped the two off with their teachers and off we went to catch a good seat. As the family (each child was allocated 4 guests only) of a graduate, we were given preferential treatment and got to seat somewhere nearer to the front. Apparently, we were NOT kiasu enough. By the time we got there, there were only separate seats available at the front. hihihihihi.. Kalah dalam pertandingan kiasu di situ..

The graduation ceremony was first. So, Khadra walked proudly to get her scroll. :)

As I remembered it, Khadra was in a few things - there was the Choral Speaking. It was about 1 Malaysia makan-makan and I have to say that they did pretty darn well. Just rasa a little tak puas coz it ended way too quickly. So semangatlah they all and the actions were pretty good too.. :) Here's a little snippet of it.

Other than that, she was also in the recorder performance. Then, there was the Swinging Bone dance which was really really good. Too bad there were too many people on the stage and we could barely make out her head in the crowd. Again, I am blaming the load balancing exercise! Wish they would have a chance to showcase it again some other time - you know, all that hard work.. So kesian (It is times like this that I miss the personalized attention at Early Years Playgroup. *sigh*)

Then, it was finally Khaleeq's turn - he was knocking on some instrument in the Kabemama performance. So funny, lah. His headband was falling off from his head , but he just tak kisah only!

And guess what? Khadra was the one at the side singing out load on the microphone. Eh, budak ni lagi.. hihihihihi
Later, we took more pictures. Lovely Ameema and Pez came bearing flowers for the two graduates; Khadra and Teyta. Even their BFF, Harissa got a small bouquet too. Thank you, Ameema, we love you lots. We got shooed off the Hall coz they had to prepare for the afternoon session.
The celebration then continued on 'coz Khaleeda turned TWO on the same day. :) More, in my next post, 'aight?

-dillz blogging out-


the principal said...

i like the arch kat stage tu. next year can do like that coz our arch kat entrance je

despite can save cost, i never wanna combine my annual concert dgn centre lain...

dillazag said...

tu la... kesian lak tengok diorang.. not enough space!

momster said...

must be because beaconhouse just acquired eduland seri petaling & puchong, which explains the separate session?

the performances in the morning session sounds so much better though! ;)

congrats to khadra!

dillazag said...

i think you answered my queries, lah. that must be it.

actually, khadra was supposed to stay on for an opening performance (recorder) in the afternoon session. we had to decline coz we were celebrating khaleeda's birthday. Kalau tak sure dapat rub shoulders with you. :)