Thursday, November 12, 2009

Go watch The Time Traveler's Wife!

Though I was 50 pages shy from completing the novel when I watched the movie, let me go
ahead and give you the review aaaannnyways.. ;)

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Was it choppy? Definitely not.
Was the screenplay how it was written in the book? Similar, but not exactly identical. I believe the differences were necessities in order to keep the movie length viewable.
Did I cry? Yes, I did. Not buckets though. Just wimpy tears.
Was it good? NO. It was GREAT!

I was really anticipating this movie 'coz I have heard raving reviews about the book. So, I decided to buy the book and read it for myself. At first it was kinda confusing. Once I figured out how to read it (Waa.. Da Vincci Code, kah?) it was kinda hard to put down. Anyhoots, on the day we were due to watch the movie, I had about 200plus more pages to finish. I tried and tried to, but I didn't manage it by viewing time. So, how Henry actually died was still a surprise when I entered the cinema.

Having Eric Bana as Henry was also a pull factor for me. (Kindly recall his hot bod in 300 Troy) So comel to see the old him saying 'I do' at the altar and the dashing young him again dancing with Clare at the wedding reception. :) I was giving hints to Azrul as the movie progressed but in actual truth it was not really necessary 'coz as soon as your mind starts to question or wonder about something, the answer will come right up in the next scene. :) That Rachel McAdams is also so gorgeous as Clare, kan? I also liked the fact that they tried to keep the plot simple. I mean it is really confusing enough to be travelling back and forth through time without having to showcase every single character in the book. Imagine how complicated it would be if the complexity of Clare's family, Henry's estranged dad and his friendly neighbour/caregiver Kimmy, the fondness that Gomez has for Clare were entwined into the plot. Adalah sangat confuse, okay..

Sudahlah merepeknya... In conclusion, I would rate the movie as a definite must see. Go catch it while it's still showing at the cinemas.

Now, on the silver screen front:
1. I just need to make my way to This Is It. Bila habis showing, ek?
2. I really hope I win the movie preview from nuffnang for New Moon! AAAAminnn..

-dillz blogging out-


pijah said...

kak dilla! i decided not to watch this movie pasal i know i'll cry buckets!! even baca buku dia pun dah nangis kot kalu tengok movie mau banjir :p

D.N.A.S said...

reviewers are saying the book is so much better. I'll probably watch the movie first and read the book later.

Along said...

This is a movie strictly for gals day/night out. Nak harap my hubby take me...muahahaha..not on your life.

I always prefer books instead of movies but nowadays takde masa nak membaca.

dillazag said...

Ala.... Serious ka? pi la tengok.. Rugi woo... (Eric Bana, so hot oso donch want to see ka?

Good move. Short cut, maa.. hihihihi

Ya la... That's a damn fine idea, dear.. Chic flick and gossip. What could be better?


aisey, kesian ko along. somehow, after 15 years of couplehood, i have managed to convert bard into becoming a chick flick follower :) . settle masalah aku hehehe...

tinidewi said...

the novel too panjang. i skipped a lot. especially para yang detail-detail pasal paper making process la bla bla bla. the storyline is good, cuma the storytelling part tu ada boring sket :-) or maybe, am a lazy reader.

yang paling tak paham, kenapa henry tinggalkan ingrid begitu saja? just because clare told him that she will be his future wife?

dillazag said...

iya, betul.. novelnya panjang berjela...
kasik can la novelist tu nak tunjuk dia buat banyak research pasal paper making etc.. kalau tak kat mana lagi dia boleh menunujuk her new found knowledge tu, ye tak? :)
saya rasa si henry tu macam player sebenarnya sebelum dia jumpa clare tak?

dillazag said...

congrats. transformasi completed! :)