Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday Sekolah Sri Petaling!

The official Sri Petaling Alumni organized a reunion dinner in conjuction with our alma mater's 40th anniversary. (I just found out that the school opened its gates on the 6th of January, 40 years ago. It's on my birthdate, Woot!) The dinner was held at Dewan Perdana Felda in Jalan Maktab and not wanting to be left out, I signed up with the lovely Nadia. (Thanks, darling! Kalau ikut malas aku ni, sure tak dapat pergi punya!)

The do was filled up with so many ex-SSPians, dating to the very first batch who left Primary School in 1969. (Serious) There were many notable figures too - Dato' Mukhriz Mahathir was there, Sofea Jane, Johan Nawawi and his wife Nora, Gary Thanesan (DJ tu), Sham Mix FM, Norman KRU (dia pun SSP jugak ke? Musykil lah pulak) - just to name a few.

Anyways, 5 out of the 7 Azluls made it. (sans Kira who is now doing her medic in Egypt and Boy who was working that night). We were seated according to our respective batches. Nampak macam Batch 79, 80 and 81 yang control game - ramai giller. There were also teachers, administrators and ex-PTAs.

1987 table (Standard 6 ni wei!) was filled up by Nadia Hanim Tajuddin, saya- Azlul Adilah Zaghlol, Syazrina Sabri, Suhaila Hanim, Johan Ariff and his lovely bride, Azali, Salman, Azrin and Arif (pemain import).

Kejap-kejap, picture time:

1. 5 Azluls -Ewa, me, Ziezi, Illa and Ema 2. Penghuni meja 1987 3. Lovely ladies of Batch 1997 4. Ladies of batch 1987 (note: tetamu tak diundang, tak masuk, ya) 5. Badge sekolah :)

1. A shot of the teachers on stage 2. Nad and Syaz with Arif 3. Ema and Tara, he came straight from Indonesia, yo! 4. 5 Azluls with Nora! :) 5. 5Azluls with Mr Ong -garang woo cikgu ni, siap baling buku dulu..

So, it was massive and it was grand.
Prizes were handed out for the winners of inter-batch games, comprising of Badminton, Football, Bowling and Handball. Turned out that Batch 1987 was the champion for the inaugral Badminton competition! Yeay!Since some of the actual players did not come to the dinner, our tablemates very willingly made up for it! Dapat medal and challenge trophy, you! :)

There were performances by the ex-students too. Mostly played some instruments/in a band and ther were loads of singing. There was this one audience participation thingy where the selected audiences had to dance a little on stage and ended with one person collapsed due to some heart problem. The MC had to announce for a specific heart medication and thankfully someone bought it over. I was made to understand that the attending cardiologist back stage was none other than Kak Shana's hubby. Thankfully, it turned out well in the end. Cayalah Doctor! :) (Power tak primary school kitorang? hihihihihihi)

We were also quite lucky in the sense that 2 out of the 5 tickets Nadia bought were called up for Lucky Draw prizes. One was in the shape of a hamper , won by Syaz (but I picked them up from the stage- Syaz malu!). The other was a digital camera. Unfortunately when it was announced, Amy(Johan's wife) had already left and I didn't keep their tickets. Dang! Takpelah takde rezeki..

Apparently, the dinner would be an annual event from this point on. If it materializes, need to do some lobbying and get more of my batch to come. We could easily get 4-5 tables. Barulah gamat!

Kudos to the organizing committee for successfully gathering 780 odd people from SSP on the night. BTW, takde ke prize for the most siblings in the school? hihihihi.. Sure kitorang can be in contention. :) Plus, kalau ending tu nyanyi lagu sekolah, sure lagi best, kan?

Sekolah Sri Petaling
Satukan berbagai bangsa..

(School badge from here . Other pictures were either mine or cilok-ed from Ema's facebook.)

-dillz blogging out-

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