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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PTM is here again

It's PTM time at Beaconhouse Bangsar again! :) For the uninitiated, PTM stands for Parent Teacher Meeting. Butterflies have been fluttering in mommy's tummy since last night. Takuttttt nak jumpa cikgu.

First up was Khadra. I have to say the meeting was pretty smooth sailing. To put it in a nutshell, Teacher Amy thought that she was ready to transition into the big school. Primary One, next year, in SK Bukit Damansara. She was so sweet to say that Khadra is one of her "creme" in the class. Her Head of School's remarks were also very encouraging:
Khadra is an all rounder students with lots of potential in her academics. With this attitude and personality, she will be able to excel in her primary years and beyond. Keep up the fantastic work.
Sangat uplifting dan sangat bangga menjadi mommy Khadra. :) Good job, girl. I hope you'd keep this up all the way through your studies.

This year is Khadra's graduating year. So, after the one-on-one interview, we were given the graduation certificate and picture. She looks so matured and pretty n this picture. Note the purple band on her right wrist. That's her signature for these past few months. Sometimes one hairband, sometimes multiple. Apa punya pesen dok pakai getah kat tangan ni pun, I tak tau.. Hopefully, this would be the first of many many more! (graduations, not hair bands on the wrist!)
Next on the agenda: Khaleeq. The major cause of those darn butterflies, I would say. Takut okay nak jumpa Teacher Rita. hihihihihi..
All in all, Teacher Rita assured us that Khaleeq has no problems what-so-ever in the social / interaction / participation / gym / music / art side. He's excellent in those department.s :) On the academic side - the writing, the reading, the Maths ; still can be improved. hihihihihi..

So, we are thinking of spending a little more time with him during the school holidays, brushing up on his reading and writing especially. Teacher Helena, the Head of School, was gracious enough to let us borrow the Gin Reading System for Levels 2 through 4. (banyak woo.. every level ada 6 books) We'll see how he does in that. All this while Khaleeq has only read 2 books with Level 2 difficulty. A tough challenge for him, but we'll be supporting him in that! (sambil bercuti, sambil baca buku lah nampaknya..) Actually, he did the two books very well. His classmate, Adam told his mom (who happens to be my friend, Elly) that Khaleeq is the best reader in his class. So, sweet lah Adam.. :) hihihihihi I think the real issue here is that we are setting too low an expectation out of him. We need to raise the bar a little and let's see him swim!

In terms of writing, what else can be done? It just takes a whole lot of practice, practice, practice. I know he has improved tremendously. Earlier this year, he was even writing his alphabets all funky. At least sekarang, when he wants to, he could write beautifully. :) But it takes him sooooooooo long to finish them. Azrul is thinking of enrolling him into something more physical (like tennis or football) for the discipline, obedience and focus. Maybe it's a good idea. In the mean time, I just have to MAKE more one-on-one time with him for school stuff. We'll see how this evolveslah, ok?

So, all in all it was two great meets. It's good to see that the pre-school system allows us time for quality feedback session. I mean, it has to be two-ways, of course. Otherwise how would you know whether your children are on the right track or not. I mean , your children would have different needs. What would work on one may not necessarily work on the other. So, it's a constant learning preocess for the parents too... So, yeah, we have an action plan for the holidays already. Wish us luck. (Nanti ni, mak dia yang malas. hihihihi) Insya Allah, all will turn out OK. :)

-dillz blogging out-


Johny Tim said...

Good post...

dillazag said...

Thanks Johnny. We do what we can for the kids, right?

Nomee said...

Insya Allah kak and good luck.

dillazag said...

cuba je la yang terbaik, dak? Budak lelaki ni lain sikit kena torture.. hihihihi

D.N.A.S said...

Di manakah lokasi Beacon House ini? My 3rd baby ni nanti nak hantar sekolah kat Beacon House jugak lah.

dillazag said...

They have one in Bangsar, Jln Gasing, Subang Jaya and Kelang. Then they just acquired two more this year, in Seri Petaling and Puchong.

the principal said...

My PTM this Sat; jgn kata parents, principal pun berdebar wo; some parents akan mencurahkan perasaan on this day...

dillazag said...

Good Luck, sister! Insya Allah all will be well.. :)