Monday, October 26, 2009

Kiasu Nak Menang

Hasil tangkapan Ziezi selepas berkunjung ke PS Boutique.

Khaleeda as a pumpkin.
This was the only shot I got of her. She was so busy trying to take off the pumpkin hat that I gave up trying to snap her picture.

2 skeletons and 2 witches.
These four kids were more than willing to play out the massacre scene. Hahahahahaha... Hillarious!

Ziezi just couldn't tahan with all the costumes in PS that she bought 3 for my kids too. (Uwangnya hutang, ya bukk!) Hajat dihati, konon, kalau ada party to attend or any halloween costumes competition on that day, boleh la budak-budak ni masuk..

On top of that, she has added some other thingamabobs today - you name it lah ; halloween lights, bracelets, teeth, wand and knife protruding the head type of hat. Still trying to find brooms for the witches and some sort of concept for the two skeletons. Kalau pergi macam tu je dua ekor ni, sure tak menang punya. hihihihihih

The lengths some mommies (saya tak mengaku) to get their kids to win. Oh ya, we need to find if there is such Halloween competition to be won in the first place! Kalau tak, jawabnya barbeque kat Puchong je la...

-dillz blogging out-


~Sasha Farina~ said...

comelnya pumpkin tuuuuU!!!

.ems gems. said...

ahahhahaa ps kee??? saya mati mati ingat all the way from landen yo!! hehehe. well done thenn, terasa bangga la pullok :p

dillazag said...

Dia sungguh-sungguh tak nak pakai pumpkin tu.. So that was the ONLY shot I got of her! :(

YYp. Kak Long and her superpowers - ability to get good things at a cheaper price! :)